May 2 2017

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Virtual Interim


 Meeting number:   641 949 229
 Meeting password: 5793
 WebRTC:           Works with Chrome/Chromium or Firefox.
                   Host and presenter functionality is not yet supported. Use the Cisco WebEx desktop app.
                   More on Cisco WebEx Web App.
 Audio connection: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number


Links to the various github pull requests and issues can be found in the slides

The main objective is to resolve all Issues that stop us from transiting to CR (as announced in


  • Pull Requests
    • Issue 1073/Issue 1116/PR 1134: Adding more detail about how getParameters and setParameters work (Taylor)
    • Issue 1101/PR 1133: RTCRtpContributingSource naming (Taylor)
    • Issue 763/PR 1150: Handling of Simulcast Errors (Bernard)
    • Issue 1092/PR 1115: DTLS failures (Bernard)
    • Issue 1138/PR 1145: FrozenArray, sequence and SameObject (foolip)
  • Issues
    • Issue 1128: Does MSID still work? (Taylor)

Media Capture

  • Pull Requests
    • Issue 434/PR 445: Add autoGainControl and noiseSupression constraints (jan-ivar)