March 1 2017

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Virtual Interim


 Meeting number:   646 960 926
 Meeting password: 5731
 Audio connection: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number


Links to the various github pull requests and issues can be found in the slides

WebRTC-PC Pull Requests:

  • Issue 116/PR 1030: Sender and Receiver getStats Selectors (Jan-Ivar)
  • Issue 714/PR 1033: “Hybrid” OAuth Solution (Taylor)
  • Issue 795/PR 1038: RTCDataChannel id assignment (Taylor)
  • Issue 849/PR 1026: Specify an AllowUnverifiedMedia RTCConfiguration property (Fluffy)
  • Issue 305/PR 1023: Describe what happens when media changes (Fluffy)
  • Issue 1024/PR 1025: Codecs[] can be reordered or removed but not modified (Taylor)

WebRTC-PC Issues:

  • Issue 1040: Codecs supporting multiple clock rates/packetization-mode (Bernard)
  • Issue 1022: sdpFmtpLine isn’t very convenient (Taylor)
  • Issue 845: “Throw a FooError” steps not consistent (Taylor)
  • Issue 1021: Parameter for packetization interval (Bernard)