January 25 2017

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Virtual Interim


 Link: https://mit.webex.com/mit/j.php?MTID=m1c2ec5ac19ae9af32edf2ae0bfa35b1d
 Meeting number:   649 162 473
 Meeting password: 8376
 Audio connection: +1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number


Links to the various github pull requests and issues can be found in the slides

WebRTC-PC Pull Requests:

  • Issue 979/PR 996: When is an RTC SctpTransport created and destroyed? (Taylor)
  • Issue 116/PR 990: Add an explicit stats selection algorithm (Harald)
  • PR 988: Add RTCOfferOptions.reofferOptions (Peter)
  • Issue 714/PR 1000: STUN/TURN auth credential management (OAuth) (Misi)

WebRTC-PC Issues:

  • Issue 709: offerToReceiveAudio/offerToReceiveVideo remain in implementations (Harald)
  • Issue 961: Effect of a BYE on RTCRtpReceiver.track (Bernard)
  • Issue 962: Event when a transceiver is stopped via remote action (Bernard)

Media Capture Issues:

  • Issue 404: Revive createObjectURL? (Stefan)
  • Issue 425: Do we update legacy methods to keep up with the spec? (Jan-Ivar)
  • Issue 426: Move “advanced” out of constrainable pattern (Harald)