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This page was used to manage the transition of WebRTC WG specs to github, but is no longer relevant. See the WebRTC WG home page for the authoritative list of specs and repos.

W3C Github migration

The WG and the Media Capture TF has agreed that we would rather have the specs on github in repositories hosted under the W3C account than on other version control systems or sites. This page tracks decisions and work on this.

Naming scheme

The repositories should be named with a two-level name: Responsible body + spec ID.

The bodies are webrtc and mediacapture.

The spec ID should be a short but descriptive name, no abbreviations.

Thus, the names will be:

  • webrtc-pc
  • webrtc-stats
  • mediacapture-main
  • mediacapture-record
  • mediacapture-image
  • mediacapture-scenarios

Already existing is:

  • mediacapture-depth

We will do the migration from other github repos as simply as possible - fork the repo into the new place, and commit a single change that deletes everything that is not the specs we want. Repo size is not a huge consideration.