February 1 2012

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Interim face to face meeting, Mountain View CA

IRC: irc.w3.org, #webrtc port 6665


Time: 1.00 - 6.00 PM, Feb 1st

  • Welcome, intro, scribe 10 min
  • Publish new Public WD 5 min
  • Incoming notifications: Dan D 20 min
  • JSEP and ROAP: what does it mean to the API and to the Web app developer (30 min)
    • Recap of decision from IETF session about state maintenance
    • Present code examples of code using the JSEP approach (Adam)
    • Next steps, task assignments to integrate chosen approach
  • Security 1 hour
    • Identity frameworks tie-in (Eric Rescorla)
    • Ability to restrict use of streams, and implications thereof (Randell Jesup?)
    • Other things surfaced during the IETF discussion
  • Coffee break (15 min)
  • Privacy and hints/caps (1 hour) Dan Burnett
    • Fingerprinting
    • Discuss capability related issues
    • Relation to hints
    • What is needed in a capability API
  • Data API (30 min) Stefan Håkansson
    • DataStream API
    • Alternative (simple) API
    • Select, assignment to integrate chosen approach
  • Other items (if time permits)
    • Status of doc, recent changes, planned updates
    • DTMF, Echo cancellation APIs
    • Hints (for getUserMedia and for AddStream)
    • Statistics
  • Summing up, recap of action items and assignments of those.
  • Close meeting.




File:WebRTC PushNotifications v1.1.pdf


File:Aligned Data API.pdf

File:WebRTC interim capabilities.pdf

File:Capabilities and Privacy.pdf

File:MediaStream Security 1.pdf