HTML Speech Incubator Group Teleconference

17 Feb 2011


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<trackbot> Date: 17 February 2011

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<trackbot> Meeting: HTML Speech Incubator Group Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 17 February 2011

<burn> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-htmlspeech/2011Feb/0014.html

(virtual) face-to-face meeting

<burn> bjorn: have teleconf facilities in all major offices

burn: we discussed having virtual face-to-face meetings

<burn> bjorn: not fancy, but good enough for meetings

bringert: Google has video conference rooms in London, New York, Mountain View, Kirkland etc

DanD: AT&T has telepresence but not in Europe

Robert: microsoft has telepresence in Reading, Redmond and probably New York

burn: should schedule now to book travel
... IETF in last week of March, week beginning March 28

mbodell: unavailable in 14-18 march

bringert: our videoconference stuff is not ideal, but it beats 20 hours on a plane
... will we have something to talk about?

burn: how are proposals coming along
... week of march 21 looks like best candidate
... reserve that week now
... 1-2 full days of talks
... long phone calls don't work
... need good quality: low latency + large screens to see faces

Robert: MS has a VC unit, can test with bringert

action Robert and Bjorn to test MS / Google VC setup

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2 - And Bjorn to test MS / Google VC setup [on Robert Brown - due 2011-02-24].

proposal status

bringert: Google will update existing proposal with facilities to start recognition from scripts

Robert: will submit proposals by Feb 28, with three layers
... doing rounds internally with IE, Bing etc

smaug_: Mozilla will submit an early draft, probably close to Google proposal

Robert: ours won't be fully complete either

burn: I started because I have speech background, no plans to propose HTML tags etc.
... but discussion has moved towards JavaScript
... Voxeo has a multilanguage API called Tropos?
... I will send it in to show a different way to structure things, but it's not created specifically for this group
... we are already using it today
... two people joined the group recently
... not on the call today
... one person from Intel
... and then Jerry Carter has also joined the list
... so we might see a few other proposals
... would be good for each proposal submitter to list whether proposal supports each requirement
... just to make it clear which proposals cover which requirements

bringert: Milan is not on the call
... do we know Nuance's plans

burn: a month ago Milan said he did not have time

bringert: Milan has been mostly focused on more general audio streaming APIs, RTC web

DanD: I'm trying to come up with a general architecture
... more use case driven than a technology proposal
... the primary goal is to take proprietary protocols and expose them in a standard way to the web

bringert: real-time web audio doesn't need a proposal in our group

burn: agreed, but we might have requirements for that

bringert: update: some version of Google's proposed API is now live in a released version of Chrome

burn: Tropo is already used, but if we come up with a different API that is useful, we would support that as well
... info about VC facilities to be sent to list by Tuesday

Summary of Action Items

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