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NOTE: the Web Events Working Group closed in November 2013 because it completed its technical work with the publication of the 10 October 2013 Touch Events Recommendation. As such, this document is NO longer maintained.

This document contains current data regarding the Publication Status of specifications being developed by the Web Events WG.

Note the WG's Charter enumerates all of the WG's deliverables.

Please see the section Table Key for information regarding interpreting the data in the tables.


Name of Spec Last Publication Type Remarks Testing Plans
Touch Events version 1 10-Oct-2013 REC Approved tests (test suite is 100% complete);

Test Assertion Table;

Implementation Report

No additional work on this spec is planned.
Touch Events Extensions 31-Oct-013 WG Note No Additional work on this document is planned.

Informative documents

Table Key

The tables above use the following abbreviations and conventions:

  • No Formal Pub = the document has not yet been formally published by the W3C as a Technical Report.