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NOTE: the Web Events Working Group closed in November 2013 because it completed its technical work with the publication of the 10 October 2013 Touch Events Recommendation. As such, this document is NO longer maintained.

This document is the Implementation Report for the Web Events Working Group's Touch Events v1 24 January 2013 Last Call Working Draft. The 15 December 2011 Candidate Recommendation (CR) of this spec defines the CR's exit criteria as two or more independent implementations must pass each test before the specification exits Candidate Recommendation.

Browser versions:

Data for the following browsers is available but not included in this report because these browsers use the same Web engines as the browsers above: Mobile Safari, Nokia N9 native browser and Nokia N9 Opera Mobile.

Test File Chrome FireFox Opera
create-touch-touchlist 73/73 Pass 72 Pass; 1 Fail ^1 73/73 Pass
multi-touch-interactions 78/78 Pass 78/78 Pass 78/78 Pass
multi-touch-interfaces 413/413 Pass 413/413 Pass 396/396 Pass
single-touch 227/227 Pass 227/227 Pass 227/227 Pass

^1 - from Matt Brubeck: this is Firefox bug 855779

NOTE: the one failure is due to a known bug. As such, two or more implementations pass each test.

Differences in the number of test run per file are due to factors such as timing between touch points.