W3C Workshop on Privacy for Advanced Web APIs 12/13 July 2010, London

Accepted Position Papers

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  1. APIs and consumers' privacy decision-making
    by Sören Preibusch, University of Cambridge (UK)
  2. Privacy and the W3C: Questions towards a direction
    by David Singer, Apple Inc. (USA)
  3. From Privacy To Opacity - Digital Me Management
    by Karl Dubost, Pheromone (Canada)
  4. W3C Geolocation API calls for Better User Privacy Protection
    by Ioannis Krontiris, Andreas Albers and Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University (Germany)
  5. Assuring Security Properties of Device APIs by Automated Formal Analysis
    by Graham Steel, LSV & INRIA (France)
  6. Position Paper for W3C workshop on “Privacy for Advanced Web APIs”
    by Simon Moritz, Ericsson Research (Sweden)
  7. Mechanism for Tagging and Controlling Online Content
    by Secret Sauce Partners, Inc.
  8. Child protection concerns and the new location services
    by John Carr, European NGO Coalition on Child Safety Online
  9. Mobile Phone Security Scene Setting
    by Charles Brookson, Chairman GSMA Security Group
  10. Privacy Workshop Position Paper - The DAP Perspective
    by Robin Berjon, DAP co-chair, Vodafone and Frederick Hirsch, DAP co-chair, Nokia
  11. Privacy Rulesets: A User-Empowering Approach to Privacy on the Web
    by Alissa Cooper, John Morris and Erica Newland, Center for Democracy & Technology
  12. Binding Privacy Rules to Data: Empowering Users on the Web
    by John Morris, Alissa Cooper, and Erica Newland, Center for Democracy & Technology
  13. Stake of Non-Profits on Issues of Advanced API Data Usage and Privacy
    by Kristin Tigart andTessitura Network
  14. The Future of Privacy - Vodafone's Perspective
    by Vodafone Privacy
  15. Towards a Position Sharing Approach for Location-based Services
    by Frank Dürr, Marius Wernke, Pavel Skvorzov and Kurt Rothermel
  16. Towards A Privacy-Aware, Trusted Web
    by Henry Story, Michael Hausenblas, Nathan Rixham and Bruno Harbulot
  17. Basic Privacy Principles for the Smart Grid
    by Andreas Wagner, Sebastian Speiser and Andreas Harth, AIFB, KIT; Oliver Raabe and Eva Weis, ZAR, KIT
  18. Privacy of Geolocation Implementations
    by Marcos Cáceres, Opera Software ASA
  19. Privacy: A Pictographic Approach
    by Aza Raskin and Arun Ranganathan, Mozilla
  20. Access Control is an Inadequate Framework for Privacy Protection
    by Lalana Kagal and Hal Abelson, MIT
  21. Practical Privacy Concerns in a Real World Browser
    by Ian Fette, Google Inc. and Jochen Eisinger, Google Germany GmbH
  22. APIs for User-Controllable Location Privacy
    by Norman Sadeh, Carnegie Mellon Univ. & Zipano Technologies, Inc.
  23. Making Privacy a Fundamental Component of Web Resources
    by Thomas Duebendorfer, Google Switzerland GmbH; Christoph Renner, Google Switzerland GmbH/ETH Zurich; Tyrone Grandison, Michael Maximilien and Mark Weitzel, IBM
  24. Towards an interoperability of privacy choices on the web
    by Franco Papeschi
  25. Privacy description and accessing API standards for Web Applications
    by Wonsuk Lee, Kangchan Lee and Seungyun Lee, ETRI (Korea)
  26. GSMA position paper for the W3C workshop on privacy for advanced APIs
    by Pat Walshe, GSMA
  27. Some Perspectives on User Data Privacy
    by Bryan Sullivan, AT&T (USA)
  28. The Role of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Improving Privacy on the Internet
    by Jon Peterson, Neustar; Hannes Tschofenig, Nokia Siemens Networks; Bernard Aboba, Microsoft and Karen Solins, MIT
  29. Keeping private data local with device APIs in web environments
    by Jens de Smit, SURFnet
  30. Why the end-to-end principle matters for privacy
    by Richard L. Barnes, BBN Technologies and Cullen Jennings, Cisco Systems
  31. Privacy Mechanism for Mobile Web Applications
    by Soonho Lee, SK Telecom
  32. Privacy - Why on earth should we care?
    by Rigo Wenning, W3C
  33. Xiam Technologies and Consumer Privacy
    Colm Healy, Xiam Technologies
  34. Why policies?
    Kai Hendry, Aplix
  35. Privacy Issues in an Address Book
    Dong-Young Lee and YounSung Chu, LG Electronics
  36. The Importance of Privacy Hooks for Advanced Web APIs
    Nick Doty and Deirdre K. Mulligan, UC Berkeley, School of Information