Lyon Bridge

W3C Community Groups

TPAC 2010 Plenary Day
3 November 2010

Ian Jacobs <>

Lyon Bridge photo by Christine Vaufrey

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TPAC 2010

Great to see the international W3C community together!

Lyon Bridge

But why aren't more people here?

Empty Chairs

Photo credit: Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso)

"Too Expensive"


Photo credit: Frank Jacobi

"Unfamiliar Culture"

Egret among ducks

Photo credit: Petirrojo

"Intimidating Process"

Scary fish (Potato grouper)

Photo credit: Tim Sheerman-Chase

New Standards Task Force Studied Barriers

Danger Barriers sign (with person being hit on the head with lowering barrier

Photo credit: electropod

Designed Community Groups

Coral reef with diversity of marine life

Photo credit: thinkpanama

Goal: Welcome Innovation

Subway innovtation for taking a bike up stairway.

Photo credit: Steven Vance

Anyone may participate at zero cost

Woman holding free hugs sign

Photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon

Groups have no time limit

Recursive mirrors; going on forever

Photo credit: azarius

Balanced IPR policy

Gerald Oskoboiny balancing on a slack line

Photo credit: Gerald Oskoboiny

Smooth Transition to standards track when community desires

Graduate celebrating transition.

Photo credit: m00by

The Progression

Progression from community proposal, to community group, to standards group

See the Comparison table and the proposal.

Add: Business Groups

Several kids running a lemonade stand.

Photo credit: Conlawprof

Add: Use Case and Requirements Groups

Einstein and others at the american institute of physics

Photo credit: Emilio Segre Visual Archives

Innovators bring new ideas, enhance reputation

Drawing with light under a bridge.

Photo credit: BURИBLUE

Constructive participation improves quality...

A single strawberry.

Photo credit: atomicshark

...helps W3C scale...

Multiple strawberries.

Photo credit: ~MVI~

...and introduces new customers to W3C

Child enjoying a strawberry.

Photo credit: Axel Bührmann

Tell us Your Ideas for Community Groups!

Creative flowerpot

Photo credit: Ivy Jacobs