Requirements/ID Primitive

From Points of Interest

ID requirements

(via Karl)

  • Unique - not-named-based identification
  • Key - able to be used as a primary key
  • Persistent - does not change unless a key large scale change to the object warrants (rare)
  • Efficient - does not consume large bandwidth to distribute
  • Informative - can potentially contain some high level information about the object to circumvent always having to complete a round trip to the content service to determine if the object is of interest (country code, basic type - point, line, area, ownership - private, public)

URIs as IDs

Pros (see Rob's message):

  • unique
  • standardized
  • distributed
  • widely used
  • supports linked data

Cons: (see Jens' message)

  • less compact than binary representations
  • can carry meaning


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