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Extensions to POI Core

Mobile Objects

  • Purpose: Describe objects for which their movement is an important characteristic.
  • Notes:
    • From my perspective the most usefull scenario for relative co-ordinates is simply with stuff that can move - it would be nice if only one gps location change has to be passed to the client, rather then everything attached as well. -Thomas
    • I'm also still favouring the idea that each POI should specify its own reference system ( WGS84 default), and if it links to another POI ("relative too" or something), then it positions its own reference system (if not WGS84) relative to that one. This should make any inter-POI positioning no more verbose then anything else. This wouldn't solve multiple co-ordinate systems within the same POI....but I'm not sure how much that will be used in the AR Field. -Thomas

Augmented Reality

  • Purpose:
  • Notes:


  • Purpose: For place-sharing on the consumer/mobile web such as check-ins, friend following, etc.
  • Notes:

Historical Gazetteers

  • Purpose: Focus on historical places and all the particular needs of places that have changed name, boundaries, etc. over time.
  • Notes:

Museum Accessioning

  • Purpose: Describe objects held in a museum collection. They are POIs because they have a current location, and many past locations that may be interesting.
  • Notes: