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Core Principles of a POI format

These "core principles" were detailed at the Face_to_Face_Meetings/December_2010.

  1. Location primitive uses one or more systems to describe. WHERE
  2. POI must have 1/a location primitives (is at)
  3. POI can have "contained within", "contains" 1-to-many relationships
  4. POI can have "adjacent-to" 1-to-many relationships (may help w/ routes and discoverability)
  5. POI must have a "name" primitive (human description)
  6. POI must have an "id" primitive
  7. POI must have a "categorization" primitive
  8. POI can have a "meta data" primitive (creation time, authorship, visibility rights, etc)
  9. POI must have a "time" primitive
  10. POI must be extensible (method of payment, opening closing hours, 3D content, images, multimedia...)