27 Jun 2010




dbooth: a lot of progress has been made since 2003, and there are proposals now that would meet requirements

pfps: why did semweb best practices group didn't do this?

Guus: no one wanted to set up a task force for this

<jeremycarroll> http://www.w3.org/2000/03/rdf-tracking/#rdfms-assertion is the RDF Core issue

<jeremycarroll> link to the discussion at Tech Plenary

dbooth: back in 2003 i wasn't prepared to push a proposal

<jeremycarroll> http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/meetings/tech-200303/#agenda 1600

dbooth: 3. co-reference vocabulary as alternative to owl:sameas

<jeremycarroll> on March 6th

cygri: i will add reference to Pat Hayes / Harry Halpin proposal

ivan: we should leave some liberty to the WG to be chartered
... "seriously consider it, but you have the right to say no"

<sandro> sandro: The main point of the mission: don't harm the compatibility -- that should trump everything.

guus: let's flag things that the WG really has to do

dbooth: four buckets? MUST do, SHOULD do, MAY do, MUST NOT do?

ivan: let's go through TOC
... Namespace and profiles Management: 0/6/10/0
... (these are MUST/SHUOLD/MAY/MUST NOT votes)

Turtle: 12/2/1/0

Turtle support for graph metadata: 10/4/1/0

RDF/XML named graph support: 5/10/3/2

JSON: 8/8/4/0

RDF(/XML) weak deprecations: 3/3/12/0

data model weak deprecations: 2/5/12/1

RDF/XML and RDF Concepts errata: 15/?/?/?

collection syntax in RDF/XML: 0/2/10/4

fix inference rules (ter horst): 10/8/0/0

blank nodes: 1/8/12/0

simplify rdf semantics: 1/5/8/4

archaisms: 0/3/10/0

literals as subjects: 0/1/6/12

named graph semantics: 16/2/0/0

graph identification (aka named graphs) 16/3/0/0

annotations 0/6/10/3

codify follow-your-nose 2/8/9/1

intended referent of URIs 0/0/10/6

coreference vocabulary 4/8/8/3

ivan: thanks natasha and chris!
... and get that on the minutes!
... that's about it! thanks for coming! adjourned

<jun> thanks to the chairs

<AxelPolleres> we close with this version of the charter: http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/wiki/index.php?title=RDF_Core_Charter_2010&oldid=1980

Summary of Action Items

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