XHTML2 Working Group Teleconference

09 Jun 2010


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Gregory_Rosmaita, ShaneM1, Steven
Gregory Rosmaita


<trackbot> Date: 09 June 2010

<ShaneM1> is the code really code1 today?

<ShaneM1> I mean conf1

according to the agenda, yes it is 26631

<Steven> conf3

<Steven> see topic

i guess we are now at ad hoc status

<Steven> yes

steven, good job on http://www.w3.org/QA/2010/06/xhtml_modularization_a_markup.html

<ShaneM1> topic says conf1 actually

<Steven> huh?

<Steven> try again then

<Steven> Thanks gregory

sad news, steven VITAL (Visionary Technology in Library Solutions) is scrapping plans for integrating xforms so as to be "compatible" with HTML5

still trying to talk them into using XHTML M12n

get to make a case for Access Module successor document Access Element: Enabling Generic Document Accessibility - proposed first draft at: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2010May/att-0020/access-element-20100519.html

in pf, that is

odd, zakim gives welcome message, then instead of prompting for passcode, it rings 10 times then hangs up

<ShaneM1> that happens when it is really busy

so it is 26633

<scribe> scribe: Gregory Rosmaita

<scribe> scribenick: oedipus

HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines to FPWG


SP: don't have much of an existence as a WG, but individuals may want to review -- worth a review

Votes for M12n PER


SP: voting re-opened; going to solicit in Forms WG
... took until this week (monday) to re-open M12n voting
... please advocate amongst W3C members to vote and sign up for it -- need at least 10 votes in favor

M12N RelaxNG



SP: because of XHTML 1.1 RNG sent to TAG, wish is for RelaxNG schemas - asked if willing to publish

SM: had this conversation 2 months ago

SP: that was in respect to M12n

SM: did all of this -- it is done

SP: great -- we can fulfill the request quite expeditiously

SM: been working with Murata on it
... SP should have been CCed on this; [reviews timeline]



SP: backing from PlH - wants us to do

SM: have to finish examples -- everything else done

SP: more to discusss?


Summary of Action Items

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