Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference

05 May 2010


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Michael, Jack, Conrad, Davy


<trackbot> Date: 05 May 2010

Raphael: 15 min waiting, no sign of Yves, all others have sent regrets :-(
... no need for Silvia for dialing
... suggest to cancel the telecon
... express deep concern about the lack of progress
... 14 overdue actions, how should we deal with that?

<silvia> you will need to chase up ppl directly

<silvia> not just through the meeting, but during the week

<silvia> it's not happening otherwise

<silvia> I guess that's part of a chair's job, as unfortunate as it is

<silvia> btw: how was the conference?

Erik and I did chase the people all over this week ... emailing and phoning!

<silvia> oh wow

<silvia> can some actions be re-distributed?

It is not enough apparently :-(

This is what I think we should do

Yves is apparently in forced holidays until end of May ... but told us he would be able to work anyway

The WWW conference was great, media fragments was presented twice, during the Developer's Track and during the HTML5 track

scribe: slides are online: http://www.slideshare.net/troncy/implementing-the-media-fragments-uri-specification

<silvia> good feedback?

scribe: Davy made twice the Ninsuna demo

<silvia> did you present all cases, also the one Yves is still working on?

<silvia> ohhhh - you should have put the Mozilla logo on for me, not Vquence

<silvia> but never mind :)

scribe: very good feedback from the participants, yes we present the 4 scenarios

<silvia> any concerns by ppl?

[meeting adjourned]

people were enthousiastic with the work done

<silvia> excellent

scribe: I have also shown the Firefox plugin we are developing in EURECOM, and that I hope to release very soon

<silvia> could Davy record his demo and publish the screencast somewhere (youtube?)

<silvia> oh nice!

<silvia> same request there - do make a screencast!

scribe: we had another great idea with Davy: that I could have a parameter in my plugin to proxy the request for media fragments towards Ninsuna
... so that for any videos, if you decide to proxy it ... then you can get Ninunsa serving you media fragments of any videos
... of course, if ALl the web does that, poor Davy's mcahine will be killed, but for a demo purpose, it could be great
... good idea for the screencast, I believe indeed we should make one

<silvia> hahaha - poor Davy!

<silvia> yeah, screencasts will give you exposure to a larger audience

<silvia> they will also explain better what should happen

<silvia> I think it will be easy to explain to the browser vendors what to implement

<silvia> I'd just like to resolve to error cases before moving it forward

<silvia> I might start an email discussion on the mailing list for it - seems that might get us a little progress at least

yep, I mention a patch currently submitted to Mozilla by Dailymotion for better interaction with the media player of the browser if receiving just video fragment

I will comment as well on your action 161

tonight most likely

need to get some work done! and more important, get in touch with Yves to see whether we should re-allocate his actions NOW or not

<silvia> yeah - I'd be happy to work on some of them

<silvia> what's Dailymotion's patch?

<silvia> it implements media fragments?

yeah, before we made it :-)

Dailymotion has made its implementation of media fragments, slightly different syntax, and keep it secret :-)

now, they will be full W3C spec compliant

<silvia> oh! how is it different?

scribe: they submitted a patch a year ago to mozilla, for the issues we are talking about, but the patch has not yet been included in the main release

I need to find the number and relaunch the process, I'm working on that with DM

<silvia> cool

<silvia> I can get the right ppl to look at it if you point me to it

ok, good to know, I will first find the patch in the mozilla trunk and then, once I got the URI, get in touch with you :-)

<silvia> cool

<silvia> caption support is going into HTML5 as we speak

my student, developing the media fragments ff plugin, might ask you some questions too

<silvia> chapter tracks, too

yep, I noticed the news :-)

<silvia> and the javascript api

<silvia> then we will be able to address by name, too

wonderful, it is moving forward

<silvia> sure, go ahead with any questions

great, I let you have your dinner, I need to have some work _done_ :-)

Talk to you next week, hopefully !

<silvia> just prepared the schnitzel

<silvia> will now have to cook them!

<silvia> yeah - let's hope we have some progress then

<silvia> ciao!

<scribe> scribenick: raphael

<silvia> good talking with you, btw ;)

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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