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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 May 2010
09:02:17 [raphael]
Chair: Raphael
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+ +49.300.aaaa
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09:03:15 [raphael]
Regrets: Michael, Jack, Conrad, Davy
09:03:16 [Zakim]
+ +0329331aabb
09:15:02 [raphael]
Raphael: 15 min waiting, no sign of Yves, all others have sent regrets :-(
09:15:12 [raphael]
... no need for Silvia for dialing
09:15:20 [raphael]
... suggest to cancel the telecon
09:15:30 [raphael]
... express deep concern about the lack of progress
09:15:43 [raphael]
... 14 overdue actions, how should we deal with that?
09:15:50 [silvia]
you will need to chase up ppl directly
09:16:09 [silvia]
not just through the meeting, but during the week
09:16:15 [silvia]
it's not happening otherwise
09:16:32 [silvia]
I guess that's part of a chair's job, as unfortunate as it is
09:17:00 [silvia]
btw: how was the conference?
09:18:25 [raphael]
Erik and I did chase the people all over this week ... emailing and phoning!
09:18:34 [silvia]
oh wow
09:18:44 [silvia]
can some actions be re-distributed?
09:18:46 [raphael]
It is not enough apparently :-(
09:18:55 [raphael]
This is what I think we should do
09:19:19 [raphael]
Yves is apparently in forced holidays until end of May ... but told us he would be able to work anyway
09:19:47 [raphael]
The WWW conference was great, media fragments was presented twice, during the Developer's Track and during the HTML5 track
09:20:08 [raphael]
... slides are online:
09:20:32 [silvia]
good feedback?
09:20:36 [raphael]
... Davy made twice the Ninsuna demo
09:20:50 [silvia]
did you present all cases, also the one Yves is still working on?
09:21:12 [silvia]
ohhhh - you should have put the Mozilla logo on for me, not Vquence
09:21:16 [silvia]
but never mind :)
09:21:28 [raphael]
... very good feedback from the participants, yes we present the 4 scenarios
09:22:23 [silvia]
any concerns by ppl?
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- +49.300.aaaa
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IA_MFWG()5:00AM has ended
09:23:06 [Zakim]
Attendees were +49.300.aaaa, +0329331aabb, Erik
09:23:09 [raphael]
[meeting adjourned]
09:23:25 [raphael]
people were enthousiastic with the work done
09:23:43 [silvia]
09:23:48 [raphael]
... I have also shown the Firefox plugin we are developing in EURECOM, and that I hope to release very soon
09:24:00 [silvia]
could Davy record his demo and publish the screencast somewhere (youtube?)
09:24:13 [silvia]
oh nice!
09:24:20 [silvia]
same request there - do make a screencast!
09:24:34 [raphael]
... we had another great idea with Davy: that I could have a parameter in my plugin to proxy the request for media fragments towards Ninsuna
09:25:04 [raphael]
... so that for any videos, if you decide to proxy it ... then you can get Ninunsa serving you media fragments of any videos
09:25:23 [raphael]
... of course, if ALl the web does that, poor Davy's mcahine will be killed, but for a demo purpose, it could be great
09:25:37 [raphael]
... good idea for the screencast, I believe indeed we should make one
09:26:05 [silvia]
hahaha - poor Davy!
09:27:05 [silvia]
yeah, screencasts will give you exposure to a larger audience
09:27:12 [silvia]
they will also explain better what should happen
09:27:24 [silvia]
I think it will be easy to explain to the browser vendors what to implement
09:27:41 [silvia]
I'd just like to resolve to error cases before moving it forward
09:28:00 [silvia]
I might start an email discussion on the mailing list for it - seems that might get us a little progress at least
09:28:08 [raphael]
yep, I mention a patch currently submitted to Mozilla by Dailymotion for better interaction with the media player of the browser if receiving just video fragment
09:28:29 [raphael]
I will comment as well on your action 161
09:28:33 [raphael]
tonight most likely
09:28:56 [raphael]
need to get some work done! and more important, get in touch with Yves to see whether we should re-allocate his actions NOW or not
09:29:19 [silvia]
yeah - I'd be happy to work on some of them
09:29:29 [silvia]
what's Dailymotion's patch?
09:29:43 [silvia]
it implements media fragments?
09:30:20 [raphael]
yeah, before we made it :-)
09:30:38 [raphael]
Dailymotion has made its implementation of media fragments, slightly different syntax, and keep it secret :-)
09:30:53 [raphael]
now, they will be full W3C spec compliant
09:31:13 [silvia]
oh! how is it different?
09:31:19 [raphael]
... they submitted a patch a year ago to mozilla, for the issues we are talking about, but the patch has not yet been included in the main release
09:31:30 [raphael]
I need to find the number and relaunch the process, I'm working on that with DM
09:31:37 [silvia]
09:31:54 [silvia]
I can get the right ppl to look at it if you point me to it
09:32:22 [raphael]
ok, good to know, I will first find the patch in the mozilla trunk and then, once I got the URI, get in touch with you :-)
09:32:34 [silvia]
09:32:49 [silvia]
caption support is going into HTML5 as we speak
09:32:50 [raphael]
my student, developing the media fragments ff plugin, might ask you some questions too
09:32:56 [silvia]
chapter tracks, too
09:32:58 [raphael]
yep, I noticed the news :-)
09:33:00 [silvia]
and the javascript api
09:33:06 [silvia]
then we will be able to address by name, too
09:33:07 [raphael]
wonderful, it is moving forward
09:33:22 [silvia]
sure, go ahead with any questions
09:33:54 [raphael]
great, I let you have your dinner, I need to have some work _done_ :-)
09:34:03 [raphael]
Talk to you next week, hopefully !
09:34:03 [silvia]
just prepared the schnitzel
09:34:07 [silvia]
will now have to cook them!
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09:34:16 [silvia]
yeah - let's hope we have some progress then
09:34:19 [silvia]
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scribenick: raphael
09:34:51 [silvia]
good talking with you, btw ;)
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