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W3C value proposition, gathered from various discussions and comments as part of task force about Making W3C the place for new standards. Comments or suggestions? public-vision-newstd@w3.org

  • International community with strong values
    • Respect for participants
    • People are there to work on specs; staff helps navigate process
    • Vendor neutrality
    • Principles for the Web (open, available to all, implementable at no cost, etc.)
  • Open Process
    • Consensus-driven
    • Royalty-Free patent policy
    • Public Accountability, transparency in decision-making
  • Exposure
    • Strong relationship with IT members focused on standards
    • Liaisons with governments and other standards bodies (including de jure, e.g., PAS Submitter status effort)
    • Relationships with research bodies
    • Quality control, horizontal reviews (e.g., accessibility, internationalization), consensus-building apparatus
  • Experience and Reputation
    • Track record (including of helping people build consensus)
    • Relevance of current W3C work
    • Tim Berners-Lee visibility
    • Staff expertise (mentoring, helping to coordinate work, discussion, share institutional experience, building community, diplomacy role)
    • Given broad scope of work, W3C can help sew pieces of technology together so that the whole works more ffectively (architecture).
  • Infrastructure and tools (list archives, IRC, teleconf services, wikis, blog, etc.)
    • Communications and marketing staff

Value Proposition for Incubator

  • Gentle introduction to standardization; mentoring through the process