W3C Value Proposition

From W3C Vision

W3C value proposition, gathered from various discussions and comments as part of task force about Making W3C the place for new standards. Comments or suggestions? public-vision-newstd@w3.org

  • International community with strong values
    • Respect for participants
    • People are there to work on specs; staff helps navigate process
    • Vendor neutrality
    • Principles for the Web (open, available to all, implementable at no cost, etc.)
  • Open Process
    • Consensus-driven
    • Royalty-Free patent policy
    • Public Accountability, transparency in decision-making
  • Exposure
    • Strong relationship with IT members focused on standards
    • Liaisons with governments and other standards bodies (including de jure, e.g., PAS Submitter status effort)
    • Relationships with research bodies
    • Quality control, horizontal reviews (e.g., accessibility, internationalization), consensus-building apparatus
  • Experience and Reputation
    • Track record (including of helping people build consensus)
    • Relevance of current W3C work
    • Tim Berners-Lee visibility
    • Staff expertise (mentoring, helping to coordinate work, discussion, share institutional experience, building community, diplomacy role)
    • Given broad scope of work, W3C can help sew pieces of technology together so that the whole works more ffectively (architecture).
  • Infrastructure and tools (list archives, IRC, teleconf services, wikis, blog, etc.)
    • Communications and marketing staff

Value Proposition for Incubator

  • Gentle introduction to standardization; mentoring through the process