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This is a highly volatile picture of a work schedule for the Newstd task force, organized by week.

Phase I (What People Want)

7 Jun

Kickoff meeting

  • intro
  • candidate orgs/people/specs to work with
  • work plan review / meeting scheduling
  • Assign task forces
    • interview: list of questions? candidates?
    • use case: list of requirements (to be augmented by interviews)
    • barriers: list of perceived barriers
  • networking opportunities to talk about this? (online, confs, ...)

14 Jun

  • Answer questions, confirm scope
  • Start to run (draft) barriers, requirements by candidates.

21 Jun

  • Flesh out use cases
  • Survey XG Chairs (past and present)
  • Survey candidates/groups with specs

Phase II (What We Should Do)

28 Jun

  • Start writing strawman proposals to address use cases

5 Jul

  • No meeting

12 Jul

  • Review strawman proposals and identify top proposals.
  • Actions to flesh out top proposals (more subgroups). Question of whether we will have N proposals (IJ thinks 2-3 would be good) or 1 proposal with N parts (each for a task force).

19 Jul, 26 July

  • Continue to flesh out top proposals.

5 Aug

  • No meeting

12 Aug

  • Prepare for steering committee coordination meeting

16-17 Aug

  • Vision task force "steering committee coordination meeting" (task force sync-up). Ian will attend ftf meeting.

Phase III (How We Should Do It)

9 Aug

  • Plan coordination with biz model task force
  • Assign task forces for Phase III

16 Aug

  • Review progress on fleshed out proposals

23 Aug

  • Review progress on fleshed out proposals

30 Aug

  • Submit fleshed out proposals to steering committee for questions?

6 Sep

  • No meeting

13 Sep

  • Revise proposals based on input
  • Start discussions in PSIG for legal questions.

20 Sep

  • Finalize proposals

27 Sep

  • Extra time if required

4 Oct

  • Extra time if required

11 Oct

  • Woods

18 Oct

  • Revisions based on Woods comments
  • Send materials to AC

25 Oct

  • Process initial feedback / clarifications
  • Presentation during remote AC meeting?

1-5 Nov

  • IJ presents proposals to AC during TPAC 2010