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This Wiki is to record WebIntents TF members that plan to attend the DAP F2F 20-22 March 2012.

Please update if you plan to attend, either in person or by teleconference (assuming you did not register on the DAP registration page)

example: Name, Company, Dates planning to attend, by teleconference or in person, any other information

  1. Giuseppe Pascale (Opera), by teleconference, only intents session
  2. Jean-Claude Dufourd (Institut Telecom), by teleconference, only intents session
  3. Hiroyuki Aizu (Toshiba), in person, intents session + DAP sessions as an observer (20th-22nd)
  4. Kensaku Komatsu (NTT), in person, only intents sessions (20th, 21st)
  5. Russell Berkoff (Samsung), by teleconferece, only intents sessions (20th, 21st) - intermittent dial-in
  6. Bryan Sullivan (AT&T), in person, all sessions.
  7. Niklas Widell (Ericsson), by teleconference, intents sessions primarily, follow DAP sessions on IRC