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Summary: this proposal adds the attribute parameter to the get, watch, and set functions, in order to solve 2 issues: thresholds and minimization.



   get(property, options, successCB, errorCB)
 watch(property, options, successCB, errorCB)
   set(property, value, options, successCB, errorCB)


   get(property, attribute, options, successCB, errorCB)
 watch(property, attribute, options, successCB, errorCB)
   set(property, attribute, options, successCB, errorCB)


   get("Power", "timeRemaining", {threshold:20}, success, error);
   function success(powerObject) { ... }


1. should success always get the property object (e.g. attribute Power) or the attribute type (e.g. Number for timeRemaining)

2. can attribute be null, in which case you get the full property object? (goes against minimization)

3. DCO mapping

Specific Interface Questions

Enumerable properties
   1: get("Storage", null, ...)
   2: get("Storage", null, {id:'CompactFlash1}, ...)

Should 1 return a Storage object which is an array of StorageUnits, or should it return an array. In that case would 2 return a single StorageUnit or an array of 1 StorageUnit


How to represent currentNetwork and availableNetworks