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Prague F2F Meeting Logistics

A F2F meeting of the DAP WG has been scheduled for March 16th–18th, 2010, in Prague, Czech Republic.

This meeting will be hosted by Jirka Kosek, at the University of Economics (VŠE) with support of Petr Cimprich (U-Turn Media Group).

Note that the meeting is taking place right after the excellent XML Prague conference which is easily one of the two best XML conferences (alongside Balisage) and a chance to chat with the best and the brightest in the XML world.

If you're not attending physically the F2F, you can follow and join the discussions by connecting to the Zakim teleconference bridge, using the teleconf code 3279, during the 3 days of the meeting (to be confirmed: availability of phone line in meeting room). Please join the IRC channel (#dap on if you do so.

Date and time

Tuesday March 16th to Thursday March 18th, 2010.

The agenda is still subject to some changes, but the starting and ending times are stable, as is the list of topic. If you need to you can consult the list of attendees.


The meeting will take place at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic.

Local form of address:

 Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
 nám. W. Churchilla 4
 130 67 Praha 3

English form of address:

 University of Economics in Prague
 W. Churchill square no. 4
 Prague 3

The closest metro stations are Hlavní Nádraží (line C) and Náměstí republiky (line B). You can walk from those stations — it is about 15 minutes walk — or you can use tram #5, #9 and #26 and exit at Husinecká station (it is the first stop from Hlavní nádraží and the second stop from Náměstí republiky).

Meeting will be located in the room 336RB.

Room 336RB is located in so called “Paradisiac Building” (Rajská budova) on the floor number 3.

It is very easy to get to this room. Stand in front of Churchill’s statue and look in the same direction as Winston. Then turn to the right. You will see few stairs and entrance into the university. But you will not use this entrance. Instead you will walk around this building from the left. You should pass by crossbar for cars and then go straight to the entry into the “New Building” (Nová budova). Pass wall and lifts from the right side. In front of you you will see wide corridor with glass roof. Go through it and turn to the left before stairs. Take lift to floor number 3 (press number 3 in the lift). Leave the lift. Go through the glass doors and then go to the right. The room 336RB is just around the corner.

If you get lost try to follow signs of university navigation system or call Robin at +33 6 81 75 45 41 and failing that Jirka at +420 604 924 664.

Maps: Google Map or Map with a better scale (in Czech)

Travel Information


Prague international airport Ruzyně (PRG) is located about 20 km from the city centre. Depending on traffic it generally takes 30 to 60 minutes to go there:

  • By taxi -- The most comfortable method to reach the city will cost about 700 CZK (24 Euro)
  • By Airport Express buses -- They operate every 30 minutes. The first one leaves the airport at 4:40am, the last one at 9:10pm. The price is 45 CZK per person and the tickets are available at the driver. They will take you to the metro station Holešovice (metro line C).
  • By Cedaz buses -- These buses operate from 5:30am to 9:30pm every 30 minutes. They will take you to the metro station Dejvická (metro line A) or to the city centre to the metro station Namesti Republiky (metro line B). The fare is 90 CZK per person.
  • By city bus and subway -- Bus #119 takes you to the metro station Dejvická (metro line A), bus #100 brings you to the metro station Zličín (metro line B). These public transport buses operate every 8-20 minutes (depending on working days/weekend and hour) and single ticket costs only 26 CZK and you can use it later when changing to subway, other bus line or tram. Tickets are available in vending machines.

Prague metro info: [1]


Prague has two international train stations: Hlavní Nádraží (central station, abbreviated Praha hl.n., connection by metro line C); and Praha-Holešovice (Holešovice station, connection by metro line C). Eurocity trains connect Prague to Berlin (5 1/2 hours), Vienna (4 1/2 hours) and Budapest (6 1/2 hours). Traveling in Prague

Prague has quite good public transport system which is very cheap. For your purposes the most convenient way will be to buy 3 or 5 day ticket. The 5 day ticket costs 500 CZK (19 €), 3 day only is for 330 CZK (13 €). You can buy this ticket in offices that are located on several metro stations, including stations Dejvická and Zličín to which buses from airport are coming. You have to mark this ticket on its first usage.


Pages with links to various accommodation offers:

Some hotels in the vicinity of VŠE:

  • Hotel Alfa, Milíčova 415/5, Praha 3 (free WiFi access) – MSMQ found the Hotel Alfa very comfortable and convenient on both his visits to Prague
  • Hotel Ariston, Seifertova 65, Praha 3 (WiFi only in lobby for €1 per 15 minutes)
  • Hotel Ariston Patio, Seifertova 22, Praha 3 (WiFi only in lobby for €1 per 15 minutes)
  • Hotel Olšanka — larger hotel with pool and gym (paid WiFi access €3.5/hour)

If you are looking for traditional business-class hotels, these are very easily reachable from meeting place:

  • Prague Marriot Hotel, V Celnici 1028/8, Praha 1
  • Boscolo Carlo IV., Senovážné náměstí 991/13
  • Hotel Palace Praha, Panská 897/12, Praha 1