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Device APIs Working Group Implementation and Testing Status

This document includes Implementation and testing data regarding the W3C's DAP Specifications.

Disclaimers regarding the data in this document:

  • The contents of this document are subject to change without warning.
  • Neither the W3C nor the DAP Working Group has verified the data in this document.
  • Implementations cited in this document may or may not implement the latest version of the related specification.

Please send reports of other implementations, corrections, and related information to

Recommendation Track Deliverables

Specification Implementation Test Suite Test Result note Test Facilitator Plans
Ambient Light Sensor
  • TBD
Wanming Lin
  • This is the redesigned API based on the Generic Sensor API
Battery Status API Zhiqiang Zhang
HTML Media Capture

Latest Editor's Draft:

CR 20140909:

  • All Results
  • Less Than 2 Passes: Failure level: 2/10 (20.00%)
  • Complete Failures: Failure level: 2/10 (20.00%)
  • FF does not implement this spec currently, so FF failures are expected. Chrome/Blink is not fully WebIDL spec conformant yet, and there is bug 43394 showing that the fix is under way.
Zhiqiang Zhang
  • Create more tests to cover Cathy Chan's comment, that the current being tests do not verify that the UA correctly produces a file when the user goes ahead with a capture, or correctly produces no files when the user denies the capture (implicitly by cancelling the capture).
Proximity Events Zhiqiang Zhang
  • API will migrate to new Generic Sensor model
Vibration API
  • All Results: Bug 1031226 fixed.
  • All tests pass on Chrome 35 for Android and Firefox 33 Nightly for Android (mobile).
  • API tests pass on Chrome 39 for Windows and Firefox 35 Nightly for Windows (desktop); but manual tests get no vibration as desktop has no vibrator, so not applicable. This is expected.
Zhiqiang Zhang Finished
Wake Lock API N/A N/A

Note that in test result pages,

  • Ch35: Chrome 35.0.1916.141 for Android on ZTE V975
  • FF30: Firefox 30.0 for Android on MI 3W
  • FF33: Firefox Nightly 33.0a1 (2014-06-23) on Win8; Vibration takes (2014-07-13) on Android on MI 3W