WAI-AGE Task Force

20 May 2009



Andrew, Suzette, Alan, Jack, Shadi
Helle, William, Darren, Michael


User Involvement

<Andrew> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/involving/

Andrew: introduction - user involvement should not start too late
... not just rely on WCAG also enables adjustments to users needs progressively

Andrew: thoughts about why we should involve users or the benefits to be gained?

Suzette: each website has unique characteristics - maybe/not goes in intro

Jack: another benefit in involving users is overall quality

Jack: involving users can reduce overall cost also

Suzette: maybe thinking about the balance between text and graphics or multimedia in selecting he delivery platform/mechanism at the earliest stage of development
... in terms of what the audience may find easy to access and comprehend

Suzette: having a 'framework' for the design process that the developer is following may help to show where the user involve can have most effect
... user involvement is UI

Andrew:asking abut listing/discussing process and involvement

Suzette:need a process rather than diving into he middle - otherwise it can be messed up
... early is better for involving users

Andrew: asks Jack re experience at Boeing

Andrew: what is need at the requirements gathering stage
... making sure they have a broad audience in mind - not just self and work colleagues
... therefore (step1?) considering who the audience is

Jack: better understand how to functional requirements

Andrew: is appropriate within this document to suggest getting in different people as focus groups

Jack: probably, yes
... what would william say?

Andrew: so they are putting together a technical specification

Jack: better understanding of requirements that need to be addressed

Andrew: making sure that requirements are part of the discussion - especially if outsourcing the build
... what's the next stage after requirements and specification

Suzette: (+Shadi): balance for a developer of 'amazon' vs 'local chinese restaurant'

Andrew: for small enterprise - family, friends and customers vs large business larger study

Jack: need to keep both on board

Andrew: when and how else to involve users: sketches and wire frames?

Shadi: agree but problem of getting into development - but do not want to get users in every week. But do want to consult about major problems.
... ui from beginning is the important message

Andrew: but how to do that

Shadi: involve from beginning but leave it up to developer how to do that
... but could give examples

Andrew: introduce examples e.g. at the start ask users what major problems they have with similar sites

Jack: Shadi approach is more robust

Shadi: suggestion - not a big listing - but a couple of examples e.g. especially if you are a novice to understand user experience]
... also invite users to comment on mock-ups before developing

Jack: agree just a few examples is better

Andrew: document is descriptive and not intended to be prescriptive - indicate just where user can give extra insight

Jack: might help to take care of issue of diversity of sites

Andrew: refresh - brainstorm on UI
... re cost benefit of early intervention

Andrew: prevention is cheaper than fixing afterwards

Jack: and reduces overall cost

Suzette: is title to be evaluation or design?

Andrew: open for discussion as the doc evolves

Andrew: confirms the brief is early stage

Business case

Andrew: had found that older people was just being tacked on the end - therefore has brought up people with accessibility needs earlier in the document
... added sections on overlap with digital divide and older people

Jack: not yet had time to read through updates from EO

Andrew: reporting on meeting with NDA in Dublin Ireland - increasingly reaching out beyond traditional disability to e.g. ageing
... opportunities for working with them in the future to fill gaps

Alan: need for figures to support the business case

Andrew: also need to support issues of mobile information
... some concrete evidence of published cases e.g. Tesco or Legal and General

Alan: maybe also list of objections people typically raise

Andrew: e.g. objections based on 'no disabled customers'
... please respond by email when documents pass through from EO

Summary of Action Items

no actions recorded

[End of minutes]

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