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31 Mar 2009


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wiecha, unl, jackjansen
Charlie Wiecha



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Review of SVG piechart

discussion of how the dynamic SVG is bundled into ubiquity

Jack: I think I would have packaged this quite differently
... perhaps by creating a "piechart" tag and then binding that to the data model...and worked from there
... this would allow also the use from within SMIL
... animation to allow it to grow and expand

<jackjansen> calling in with nother phone.

Jack: defined that the data model would have to have a specific shape and then attach the piechart to that

Charlie: treats the role attributes and their pattern (parent and child) to attach to an existing data model

Jack: comes at the expense of being tied to the xforms concept of repeat

Charlie: gets at "what is the backplane"

I'm arguing that the nodeset binding and repeat behavior are "backplane" not "forms" function

it provides bridging and data binding...the repeat is the projection of the model out to the view

Jack: so what xforms elements should be considered part of the core "backplane"?

Charlie: it's the two types of binding: single node and nodeset

and the event-driven update behavior

XForms repeats are a convenience layer to surface the nodeset binding but probably could be replaced by other types of elements that still consume nodeset binding

like Jack's piechart

Jack: +1
... I meant the behavior not the elements themselves

Charlie: I think it's valid for language implementors to want to reuse xforms behavior like repeat or go off and do another element that still consumes nodeset binding if they like

Jack: we have single node and nodeset binding...do we need "if"?
... e.g. a bit of XML code is present or not depending on values in the data model

Charlie: that sounds like relevance

Jack: yup

Charlie: maybe we should illustrate both approaches in our demo...a custom control and a custom element

Jack: the repeat function could be considered part of the backplane, yes

First page of the finance scenario application

Charlie: what should we include on the first page?
... perhaps just an overview of the current portfolio
... how could SMIL play there?
... perhaps use SMIL to control a wizard that configures the SVG charting...asks for stock symbol names and date ranges then displays the svg chart
... I would expect the google map would be surface similarly with a repeat over the data model

Jack: but if I want a map of a single location

Charlie: different markup, either single node binding or nodeset binding, could be used depending on the use case

Jack: could one markup do either?

Charlie: that's almost a "composite" object...with both single node binding for map center and nodeset binding for pinpoints
... could be done either as a ground around a single node binding element and a repeat

or with a custom element that has children giving both types of binding

Jack: could a group have role="output-proportional"?
... meant role="output-map"
... then inside the group have the parameters for lat/long and also the repeat over pinpoints

<group role="output-map">

<range role="map-centroid" ref="latlong"/>

<repeat role="pinpoints" nodeset="...">




or do a custom element full stop with nodeset and ref bindings

Jack: advantage of these roles is that for accessibility this would be nicer

the fact that output-map is being shown by an actual map is an implementation detail...ARIA would just work against the coordinates

Summary of Action Items

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