Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference

25 Feb 2009


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Erik, Raphael, Guillaume, Silvia, Davy, Yves, Conrad_(irc)
Michael, Jack
Erik, Raphael




<trackbot> Date: 25 February 2009

<raphael> Scribe: Silvia

<raphael> scribenick: nessy


welcome to Conrad as new invited expert

Conrad introduce himself

scribe: worked on Annodex for a while
... recently worked on timed URI servers
... in corporation with Xiph.org, Mozilla and Wikipedia
... keen to provide input
... is in Japan
... 2 hours behind Silvia
... might provide one more implementation of the specification
... I'm a PhD student at Kyoto university, currently contracting for Mozilla/Wikipedia, but independent expert

Rapahel proposes to accept minutes of 11th Feb


<davy> +1

<erik> +1


<Gui> +1

Next F2F meeting (Barcelona, 16-17 April):


scribe: Michael, Raphael will be there
... who else will be there?
... Davy and Eric will be there, too
... Silvia apologizes
... can participate via irc & phone
... will send availability
... Conrad is trying to work out a way
... Silvia & Conrad, if paper to W4A conf is accepted, one has to be there
... Guillaume also has a paper in W4A
... Raphael will ask again next week re attendance at next F2F

<erik> +q

scribe: for those who cannot attend, highly recommended to be available on phone and irc
... Erik thinks phone hook up last time worked well
... Yves will take care of zakim bridge

<scribe> ACTION: Yves to take care of zakim bridge for F2F [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/02/25-mediafrag-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-44 - Take care of zakim bridge for F2F [on Yves Lafon - due 2009-03-04].

Future Participants

close ACTION-20

<trackbot> ACTION-20 Check with Wolfgang whether he is still interested in this WG closed

Wolfgang has left the Uni and won't be available

close ACTION-18

<trackbot> ACTION-18 See with Marie Claire who from Daily Motion can join closed

Dailymotion hasn't got enough interest

close ACTION-21

<trackbot> ACTION-21 Check with Philippe the status of Cisco (Paul Bosso), Apple (Dave Singer or Eric Carlson) closed

we'll wait if Philippe has a suggestion for an alternative contact


3.1 WD Template:

close ACTION-33

<trackbot> ACTION-33 Start the template of the document closed

Raphael has prepared a template

<raphael> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Fragments/WD-media-fragments-reqs/

scribe: will check in html files
... will send reminder on who is responsible for which section

Erik suggests to add hard deadlines to the sections, so we can go towards our milestones

Raphael suggests that a week per sections may be do-able because it's a straight copy from the wiki

Erik agrees

scribe: asks, when we want the document to be posted/published, so we can work backwards towards deadlines

Raphael says that our first working draft was due by end of January

scribe: we should have it all ready by mid march

<erik> +1

scribe: mostly 2-3 teleconfs to finalize
... will send reminder email

3.2 Syntax:

<raphael> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-fragment/2009Feb/0032.html

Time formats: Jack (ACTION-28) and follow-up thread



Conrad will post more comments

close ACTION-41

<trackbot> ACTION-41 Rewrite Syntax in ABNF based on RFC4234 closed

Yves has posted a ABNF

Michael suggested to write the generic rule at the top and go into more detail further down

Yves reckons this is a matter of taste

Yves will add more details to link it to the original URI spec

Raphael thinks we decided to have either a named fragment or a combination of the others

<Gui> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Fragments/wiki/Syntax#Formal_Grammar

scribe: this is not represented right now

Yves thinks this is hard to capture in the production rule, and better to describe in text

Let's give this a try and see what comments we get back

3.3 Use Cases & Requirements Discussion

close ACTION-43

<trackbot> ACTION-43 Incorporate changes proposed by reviewers of the Use Case and Requirements Wiki page closed

Gui has made changes, but wants to bring up a few points

scribe: will send an email that summarises the changes
... wants to add a use case

<Gui> https://wiki.mozilla.org/images/thumb/4/40/Model_Video_Resource.jpg/800px-Model_Video_Resource.jpg

scribe: wants to add a picture
... do we want to add this picture as a line graph

Raphael & Silvia agree

Gui will send email and add graph

we need time to go through changes and have possibly a further discussion

Gui encourages everybody to re-read the use cases page

Silvia will do thorough review before including into WD

3.4 Existing Technologies Survey (Erik)

close ACTION-16

<trackbot> ACTION-16 Go through the email lists to list different solutions used to identify fragments, and populate the wiki closed

Erik will do ACTION-23 by next week

close ACTION-24

<trackbot> ACTION-24 (through extra info from Felix) to ask Adobe (Larry) more info about xmpMM:Ingredients closed

information also gathered from Media Annotations WG

3.5 HTTP implementation (Raphael)

Raphael has long-standing action on 2-way and 4-way handshake description

2-way is in wiki

4-way is started

scribe: will try to finish it today
... will send email to start discussion


Michael is still working on ACTION-42 and ISSUE-3


<scribe> ongoing discussion

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: right now we have focus on getting WD out
... discuss this again when we are happy about WD


<erik> none


Raphael thanks everybody for joining and closes the meeting

<Gui> thanks bye bye

<raphael> adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Yves to take care of zakim bridge for F2F [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2009/02/25-mediafrag-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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