RWAB Weekly telecon

27 Jan 2009


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wiecha, unl, John_Boyer, jackjansen, Kevin_Kelly, Steven
jackjansen, me




<wiecha> Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-xg-app-backplane/2009Jan/0025.html

<wiecha> yugma session 302-752-499

<wiecha> www.yugma.com

<wiecha> www.yugma.com

<wiecha> 302-752-499

<wiecha> www.yugma.com

<wiecha> 302-752-499

<wiecha> www.yugma.com

<wiecha> 302-752-499

<Steven> what are we doing?

<John_Boyer> www.webdialogs.com/join

<John_Boyer> conf ID 801862

<Steven> has a dodgy server certificate

<inserted> scribe: jackjansen

<scribe> scribe: me

Charlie: common ground among demos suggested seems to be that multiple people are involved
... lets look at opensocial.org
... Shows how you can share user data in XML
... based on queries

Goes on, to show navigator that uses this (in ubiquity-xforms)

jack: what is opensocial?

charlie: its an api. Can be restful.

<Kevin> I apologize I must drop for another call :(

jack: can be used through xforms?

charlie: yes

<Steven> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSocial

john: so user data has enough info to find out who of your friends is interested in topic at hand?

charlie: yes, but "friends" needs wide interpretation, could be collegues, etc

john: why would I use it?

charlie: think customer relations
... finding people with specific skills/needs and put them together on a project.
... Combination of xforms and rest makes this possible.

john: key question is: can this be done with the new stuff, i.e. simple classical javascript
... Can we aggregate data from multiple social networks?
... Can be done with json (through hack with callback scribe didn't get)

<Steven> great new use of technology, implement the <blink> tag!

<John_Boyer> write script with src="query?callback=myfunc" When json service returns result, it is written myfunc({result})

<John_Boyer> myfunc could be the xforms submission result handler

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