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The tagging use case is one of the use cases which has been elaborated by the Multimedia Semantics (MMSEM) Incubator Group (XG).

The tagging use case tackles the problem of interoperability and portability of tagging systems and personal tags. The use case sketches a solution based on SKOS Core.

The tagging use case is motivated by the fact that users tag different resource types on different plattforms, but cannot exchange or reuse "their" tags across these plattforms. Further a personal folksnomy (personomy) mainted on a desktop computer cannot be reuse online and vice versa. The authors discuss a solution to this problem by representing a personomy using SKOS Core which then can be exchanged between systems or hosted by a central service provider.

More information about the tagging use case can be found in the MMSEM XG Interoperability deliverable.

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