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The media analysis use case is one of the use cases which has been elaborated by the Multimedia Semantics (MMSEM) Incubator Group (XG). The full title of the use case in the XG is: Semantic Media Analysis for Intelligent Retrieval

The media analysis use case highlights challenges in media analysis and which shows how to exploit different modalities of multimedia content for analysis.

The media analysis use case most notably highlights the integration of information in different modalities, i.e. relation of persons mentioned in an audio track with their depiction in a video, the relation of captions of images with objects in the image or the relation of text fragments to objects in an image which the text is illustrated by. Making this cross-modality-links possible demands for a basic interoperability between audio-, video- and/or image-related description schemes. Furthermore the use case highlights the necessity of linking low-level features to high-level semantics which is important for some retrieval scenarios. The relation of semantics across modalities may give support for reasoning mechanism to infer further high-level concepts. Different examples are presented in the XG report and also suggestions for possible solutions using different ontologies.

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