25 Nov 2008


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ruben, tobiasb, veronique, pchampin, Felix, Ernie, jcraig, Wonsuk, Davy, Joakim, frank, Daniel
Raphael, Hui, Werner, Thierry, Victor


<frank> hello everybody - frank on irc only

Agenda review / approval of previous minutes

<Daniel> I am on the call, can you hear me ? probably mic is some problmatic via skype...

<joakim> felix: Joakim became co-chair



minutes approved

Selection of scribe for next meeting

handle via mail

Future telephone conferences and f2f meetings / call time

<joakim> Next call 2 December

Future telephone conferences and f2f meetings / call time


<joakim> Felix plan to update agenda in next two weeks

<Daniel> +1

<Daniel> can we ask who will be participating this upcoming f2f on the IRC ?

<joakim> Update agenda on Wiki if you miss something

<Daniel> my mic is not working...:-(

<Ruben> I will participate on the IRC

<DrErnie> What's the date/ time zone for the F2F meeting?

<cgi-irc> I will participate on IRC

<Daniel> I will

<tobiasb> I will be in Ghent

I will

<davy> I will also be in Ghent

<wonsuk> I will

<DrErnie> sorry, too early for me. :-)

<pchampin> not sure yet

<pchampin> if I do, that will be on IRC

<frank> I will be in Ghent too

<Ruben> Victor will be in Ghent representing the "UPC gang"

<joakim> +1

Action items


ACTION-20 - ongoing

ACTION-22 - ongoing, waiting for Karen


<Daniel> not yet, I will do asap

<scribe> ongoing

ACTION-33 - ongoing

close ACTION-37

<trackbot> ACTION-37 Write a mail about the general structure of the use cases / req document closed

close ACTION-38

<trackbot> ACTION-38 Draft a first agenda for the f2f meeting closed

close ACTION-39

<trackbot> ACTION-39 Put description about transmission cc in Wiki closed

close ACTION-40

<trackbot> ACTION-40 to send around an exemple of what she means with "plugging into complex model" closed

close ACTION-41

<trackbot> ACTION-41 Look into the MPEG API closed

Use case and requirements document structure


<veronique> it is fine with me

<pchampin> +1

<Daniel> +1

<Ruben> +1

<joakim> +1

<wonsuk> +1

<tobiasb> +1

<veronique> the structure wold be clear

<davy> +1

<Daniel> one think that I have a direction is to make a usecase&req draft as simple as possible

<joakim> Veronique can make the change to new documetn strucutre

<veronique> Me and Wonsuk will change the structure

Features table from Ruben


<joakim> Lets spend time on document during f2f

<frank> +1

<Daniel> it's very useful. yes we will be able to spend much time for this discussion in Ghent

<joakim> Ruben commented the feature table

<pchampin> I think a line may be missing from the table

<joakim> The table can serve as a template for everyone to edit

<joakim> One line might be missing: the issue of annotating fragments

<joakim> Or is it realted to the Media fragments group?

<veronique> are there description properties that are valid only for fragments of media documents?

<Ruben> like SegmentDecomposition in MPEG-7

<joakim> Ruben thinks media fragments should be considered

<joakim> Identify fragments such as charcaters or an emotion in a scene

<Ruben> Well I did not say that, I'm just trying to understand Pierre-A...

<joakim> exchange metdata independent of the media

<joakim> Pierre-Antoine Champin will summerize his thoughts

Re-confirmation request from Daniel about the scope of our group


"The main focus of our group is video. We are also looking into other

multimedia vocabularies, including ID3. However, I cannot tell (yet) to

what extend these will be taken into account."

<Daniel> my thought is. video (and partially audio) is in-scope, music/image/text is out-of scope, any thoughts ?

<Daniel> sorry, I can't speak out using mic yet...pls be patient

<veronique> why would image and music be out of scope (particularly if audio is in scope)..

<frank> what daniel wants to say is: we focus on temporal media only?

<veronique> I agree with video as a priority

<joakim> Felix: Video is in the center, but we might take other modalities into account

<frank> audio should really be in there

<veronique> but audio and images standards are quite close on some aspects

<veronique> that's why I do not see images as "out of scope"

<Daniel> just trying to make a clear definition of *video*

joakim: think we should also images into account, since there are many image files available. Would be not good to disregard them

<Daniel> I agree with Joakim's concern, yeah seems to be also complex. I'd propose an email discussion on the list later. I will post

<Daniel> OK, after email discussion, then I will wrap up that and go to f2f

Layer structure discussion


<joakim> P-A: Inorder to decide if we need strucutre or flat model we should construct a conceptual model first

<joakim> We should decide if we need a syntax

<joakim> in that case keep the syntax simple

<joakim> We need a mixture of structured and flat model

<joakim> A conceptual model could help avoiding repeating propoerties

<joakim> we deicde based on the use case document

<joakim> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/MXM

<Ruben> Victor is not here

<Daniel> yeah, victor is not here, so let's move that on the mailing list or next call

<joakim> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/TXFeed

<joakim> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/wiki/XMP

<Daniel> XMP review will be part of f2f agenda.

<joakim> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2008Nov/0097.html

<joakim> Flickr machine tags are interesting because they are flat

<joakim> Not using a name space but a prefix

<joakim> Should we investigate flickr machines tags closer?

<joakim> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-req/mediaont-req.html

<veronique> the approach sounds interesting, even if images are not the primary focus of the WG

<Daniel> are somebody take this as a new ACTION ITEM ?

<pchampin> i can do that

<Daniel> good,

<joakim> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-api-1.0/mediaont-api-1.0.html

<Daniel> ok, it's just boilerplate issue

<Daniel> last question before closing

<Daniel> are you all ok this call time ?

<veronique> well, it is quite late here...

<wonsuk> It's very early to me.

<Daniel> I saw may regrets since it's too late...what do you think ? shall we change ?

<Daniel> OK, Joakim and myself will make some alternative for the call time

<veronique> but there has been a vote about this schedule, no?

<veronique> ok

<Daniel> we can vote our schedule whenever we want...:-)

<Daniel> thanks, and see you next call

<Ruben> Bye

<Daniel> minutes draft

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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