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08 Oct 2008

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Josema, John Sheridan, Kevin Novak, Oscar Azañon

john, kevin




<trackbot> Date: 08 October 2008

<scribe> scribe: josema

[some talk about previous Group call and some frustration]

john: I believe we need to define very clearly a number of small tasks
... in advance of the F2F
... and build something from the week before until the week after

kevin: tried this with the use cases back around July
... didn't seem to work despite a couple were uploaded
... then some discussion about micromanaging people or not
... some seem to prefer, some not

john: we might want to be a bit more prescriptive at least
... for the days around the F2F

kevin: sometimes is difficult to do that on the phone
... let's take advantage of the F2F

john: in any case, next Group call we should review the use cases
... we have and let people refine them or add before F2F for one week
... then discuss at the F2F, building it around the use cases
... shaping them and come up with the real set we want to solve
... see a week after if we are missing any important

kevin: if we could do that, I'd be satisfied

john: we could say that if you don't have a case you need to produce one

[use cases so far: http://www.w3.org/2007/eGov/IG/wiki/Use_Cases]

jose: we tried use cases before, did not work
... if we do it this time, should be much more specific tasks
... agree with John's view here

john: it does not have very deep, but individuals should leave
... with a clear idea on what to work


jose: how to start the list?

kevin: let's do it by email

jose: what about reviewing WebArch?


scribe: eg. persistence of URIs

john: also a problem of accountability in several cases
... besides the WebArch
... I could write that one

jose: please, do
... .talk about agenda for next Group call and F2F?

john: yes, next call let's focus on get specific tasks
... list of areas for use cases by email
... we should have it by Monday

kevin: it's likely I could not make it to the F2F
... prefer to defer to you how to build the structure

john: would like to have two rounds at the F2F
... first day list and review cases
... second: go through them again
... taking what we have learned on day 1 and take it to the next phase
... around themes

oscar: we might need to outline the document during the F2F

jose: editing at W3C is a science on its own ;)

john: if we can setup the main themes by the next call
... that should give us the basic outline of the document
... also structure of our F2F two days
... we should not underestimate the amount of work to coordinate
... the various contributions
... but key is structure

jose: SEMIC.EU is sending a rep, discussed about presentation

john: could be interested, could bring a theme to our discussion
... and maybe some use cases
... if he wants to speak is fine
... also IDABC summary

jose: I could do 5 minutes on that


-> http://www.w3.org/2008/10/TPAC/AC-Agenda AC Agenda

ACTION kevin to discuss themes by email by Monday

<trackbot> Created ACTION-10 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on Kevin Novak - due 2008-10-15].

ACTION john to discuss themes by email by Monday

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ACTION jsherida to discuss themes by email by Monday

<trackbot> Created ACTION-11 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on John Sheridan - due 2008-10-15].

[John to start discussion]


Summary of Action Items

ACTION-10 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on Kevin Novak - due 2008-10-15].

ACTION-11 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on John Sheridan - due 2008-10-15].

[End of minutes]

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