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Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 October 2008
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chair: john, kevin
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zakim, who's here?
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sorry, josema, I don't know what conference this is
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+john; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see john, Josema, kevin
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15:10:57 [josema]
15:15:06 [josema]
[some talk about previous Group call and some frustration]
15:15:35 [josema]
john: I believe we need to define very clearly a number of small tasks
15:15:40 [josema]
... in advance of the F2F
15:16:22 [josema]
... and build something from the week before until the week after
15:17:01 [josema]
kevin: tried this with the use cases back around July
15:17:28 [josema]
... didn't seem to work despite a couple were uploaded
15:18:06 [josema]
... then some discussion about micromanaging people or not
15:18:13 [josema]
... some seem to prefer, some not
15:18:45 [josema]
john: we might want to be a bit more prescriptive at least
15:18:51 [josema]
... for the days around the F2F
15:20:00 [josema]
kevin: sometimes is difficult to do that on the phone
15:20:08 [josema]
... let's take advantage of the F2F
15:20:21 [josema]
john: in any case, next Group call we should review the use cases
15:20:43 [josema]
... we have and let people refine them or add before F2F for one week
15:21:03 [josema]
... then discuss at the F2F, building it around the use cases
15:21:20 [josema]
... shaping them and come up with the real set we want to solve
15:21:35 [josema]
... see a week after if we are missing any important
15:22:05 [josema]
kevin: if we could do that, I'd be satisfied
15:22:57 [josema]
john: we could say that if you don't have a case you need to produce one
15:23:47 [josema]
[use cases so far:]
15:25:36 [josema]
jose: we tried use cases before, did not work
15:25:49 [josema]
... if we do it this time, should be much more specific tasks
15:25:58 [josema]
... agree with John's view here
15:26:25 [josema]
john: it does not have very deep, but individuals should leave
15:26:31 [josema]
... with a clear idea on what to work
15:26:58 [josema]
15:28:14 [josema]
jose: how to start the list?
15:28:23 [josema]
kevin: let's do it by email
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+ +34.98.439.aacc
15:30:38 [josema]
zakim, aacc is oscar
15:30:38 [Zakim]
+oscar; got it
15:30:58 [josema]
jose: what about reviewing WebArch?
15:31:22 [josema]
15:37:19 [josema]
... eg. persistence of URIs
15:37:35 [josema]
zakim oscar is OCR
15:37:40 [josema]
zakim, oscar is OCR
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+OCR; got it
15:37:57 [josema]
s/zakim oscar is OCR//
15:40:54 [josema]
john: also a problem of accountability in several cases
15:41:15 [josema]
... besides the WebArch
15:41:20 [josema]
... I could write that one
15:41:25 [josema]
jose: please, do
15:42:16 [josema]
.. .talk about agenda for next Group call and F2F?
15:42:47 [josema]
john: yes, next call let's focus on get specific tasks
15:43:07 [josema]
... list of areas for use cases by email
15:43:13 [josema]
... we should have it by Monday
15:43:28 [josema]
kevin: it's likely I could not make it to the F2F
15:43:38 [josema]
... prefer to defer to you how to build the structure
15:44:39 [josema]
john: would like to have two rounds at the F2F
15:44:46 [josema]
.. first day list and review cases
15:44:52 [josema]
... second: go through them again
15:45:01 [josema]
15:45:40 [josema]
... taking what we have learned on day 1 and take it to the next phase
15:45:42 [josema]
... around themes
15:48:56 [josema]
oscar: we might need to outline the document during the F2F
15:49:10 [josema]
jose: editing at W3C is a science on its own ;)
15:49:23 [josema]
john: if we can setup the main themes by the next call
15:49:31 [josema]
... that should give us the basic outline of the document
15:49:52 [josema]
... also structure of our F2F two days
15:50:41 [josema]
... we should not underestimate the amount of work to coordinate
15:50:49 [josema]
... the various contributions
15:50:54 [josema]
... but key is structure
15:53:06 [josema]
jose: SEMIC.EU is sending a rep, discussed about presentation
15:53:25 [josema]
john: could be interested, could bring a theme to our discussion
15:53:28 [josema]
... and maybe some use cases
15:53:54 [josema]
... if he wants to speak is fine
15:56:43 [josema]
... also IDABC summary
15:56:54 [josema]
jose: I could do 5 minutes on that
15:57:46 [josema]
16:00:17 [josema]
-> AC Agenda
16:02:42 [josema]
ACTION kevin to discuss themes by email by Monday
16:02:42 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-10 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on Kevin Novak - due 2008-10-15].
16:02:52 [josema]
ACTION john to discuss themes by email by Monday
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16:03:07 [josema]
ACTION jsherida to discuss themes by email by Monday
16:03:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-11 - Discuss themes by email by Monday [on John Sheridan - due 2008-10-15].
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[John to start discussion]
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zakim, who's here?
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I don't understand your question, josema.
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