W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking
15-16 January 2009, Barcelona

The W3C organized a Workshop on the Future of Social Networking, with a high level goal of bringing together the world experts on social networking design, management and operation in a neutral and objective environment where the social networking history to date could be examined and discussed, the risks and opportunities analyzed and the state of affairs accurately portrayed.

Within the W3C workshop, the issues facing social networking growth could be documented and, in this workshop in particular, taking into account social networking on mobile devices/platforms with and without PC/broadband Internet services.

The workshop also explored whether it is worthwhile to consider the creation of an Interest or Working Group under the auspices of W3C to continue these discussions.

The discussions of the workshop were fed by the input of the 72 position papers submitted by the participants, and animated by the Program Committee composed of experts from the industry and academics on this topic.

Workshop output

Read the report from the Social Web Incubator Group: A Standards-based, Open and Privacy-aware Social Web (Dec 2010).

Read the workshop report (Jan 2009 — also available as PDF).

In addition to the report, you can find:


The following topics were discussed at the workshop:

Program Committee


Program Committee