Online Training Course: An Introduction to W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices May 26 - June 20 2008

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An Introduction to W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices

W3C is organizing an online course to introduce Web developers and designers to W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices.

In this course you will

Participants will have access to lectures and assignments providing hands-on practical experience with using W3C's mobile Web Best Practices. They will have direct access to W3C experts on this topic who are the instructors for this course. Participants will also be able to discuss and share experiences with their peers who are faced with the challenges of mobile Web design.

Latest News

  • 30 April 2008: Registration open
  • 5 May 2008: Registration is closed

Course Outline

Week 1: Mobile Web: Opportunities and Challenges

Week 2: Coding for the Mobile Web: You shall not use

Week 3: Understanding Basic Design Principles of a Mobile Web Page

Week 4: W3C Standards and Resources relevant to the Mobile Web

Course Duration and Dates

The online course will run for four weeks - from May 26 to June 20 2008.


This course will be taught by W3C Team experts from the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

Stéphane Boyera

Stéphane has joined W3C in 1995. He has been a key participant in the development and launch of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

Since 2006, he is leading W3C's work on the Mobile Web in Developing Countries.

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Dominique Hazaël-Massieux

Dominique is the Activity Lead of the Mobile Web Initiative, co-chairs the Mobile Web Test Suites Working Group, and develops tools and applications as part of the W3C Systems Team.

Dom was closely involved in the creation of W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices.

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Philipp Hoschka

Philipp is a Deputy Director of the W3C. His main interest is bringing the benefits of Web technology to mobile and other non-PC devices. Since 2006, he is leading W3Cs Ubiquitous Web Domain which includes W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

Philipp participated in the W3C Working Group that created the Mobile Web Best Practices.

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This course is for experienced Web developers and designers that want to get started developing for mobile Web access using W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices.

The number of participants is limited to 100.


You need access to the Internet and a Web browser. It is helpful (but not required) to have access to a mobile phone that can be used for accessing the Web.

Participation Fee: None

"Sold Out" - Registration is closed

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How does this work?

Once registered, you will have access to an online classroom. Once the course has started, instructors will post lectures and hands-on assignments in the online classroom at the beginning of each week.

You have one week to go through the lectures and complete the assignments, which you can submit online as well.

You can discuss any questions on the lectures and assignments with the instructors and with fellow students using the classroom forum.

Advantages of online courses include

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Students will receive a certificate of completion after successfully finishing the class.

This course has been developed using Moodle, a widely used open-source online education environment (users include e.g. the Open University in the UK).

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