Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group Charter

The mission of the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group, part of the Video on the Web Activity, is to develop a set of technical best practices and associated guidelines in support of deployment of media objects on the Web.

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This document is work in progress and can be modified at any time.
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End date 1 April 2009
Confidentiality Proceedings are public
Initial Chairs CHAIR INFO
Initial Team Contacts
(FTE %: 100)
Usual Meeting Schedule Teleconferences: Weekly
Face-to-face: 3-4 per year


The main objective of the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group is to allow easy deployment on the Web for images, audio, and video objects by providing guidelines, checklists and best practice statements which are easy to comprehend and implement.

Following the Best Practices and Guidelines will be a benefit for Web site providers, authoring tool vendors, and content producers by enabling more users to access their content online.

The scope of the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Working Group is:

Success Criteria

Out of Scope

There is no intent for the Best Practices And Guidelines Interest Group to develop new technology, such as markup languages. However if, during its work, the need for new technologies is identified, the group may raise requirements with other W3C groups or groups within other standards organizations.


Identify which deliverables are expected to become Recommendations and which are expected to become Group Notes. Identify documents that are expected to become W3C Recommendations but that are (per the transition procedure) not covered by the W3C Patent Policy. Please indicate whether any specification is likely to be a delta specification intended to become a normative Recommendation.

Other Deliverables

Describe any other deliverables such as test suites, tools, or reviews of other groups' deliverables.


Specification transition estimates and other milestones

Note: The group will document significant changes from this initial schedule on the group home page.
Specification FPWD LC CR PR Rec
FooML Month YYYY Month YYYY Month YYYY Month YYYY Month YYYY

Timeline View Summary

Put here a timeline view of all deliverables. Note: In a version based on RDF, we can generate this...

  • Month YYYY: First teleconference
  • Month YYYY: First face-to-face meeting
  • Month YYYY: Requirements and Use Cases for FooML
  • Month YYYY: FPWD for FooML
  • Month YYYY: Requirements and Use Cases for BarML
  • Month YYYY: FPWD FooML Primer


W3C Groups

Media Fragments Working Group
This group is chartered to provide URI-based mechanisms for uniquely identifying temporal and spatial fragments for media objets on the Web, such as video, audio, and images.
Media Annotations Working Group Charter
This Group is chartered to provide core vocabularies and ontologies to facilitate cross-community data integration of information related to media objects on the Web.
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG)
This Group develops guidelines and techniques to assist authoring tool software developers to make tools, and the content that the tools generate, more accessible to people with disabilities.
User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG)
The guidelines produced by this Group explain to user agent developers how to make their products more accessible to people with disabilities and for increasing usability for all users.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG)
The Group develop guidelines to make Web content accessible for people with disabilities.
Hypertext Coordination Group
The Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group will participate in the Hypertext Coordination Group.

External Groups

The Internet Captioning Forum (ICF)
This organization addresses the technical challenges presented by online video repurposed from broadcast or other previously captioned sources, as well as video created specifically for the Web.
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
This organization publish a set of Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines. These guidelines and best practices address the most widely used current in-stream ad products, including linear video ads, non-linear video ads and companion ads.


To be successful, the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group is expected to have 10 or more active participants for its duration. Effective participation to Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group is expected to consume one work day per week for each participant; two days per week for editors. The Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group will allocate also the necessary resources for building Test Suites for each specification.

Participants are reminded of the Good Standing requirements of the W3C Process.


This group primarily conducts its work on the public mailing list LIST NAME. Provide information about additional Member-only lists that are used for administrative purposes.

Information about the group (deliverables, participants, face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, etc.) is available from the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group home page.

Decision Policy

As explained in the Process Document (section 3.3), this group will seek to make decisions when there is consensus. When the Chair puts a question and observes dissent, after due consideration of different opinions, the Chair should record a decision (possibly after a formal vote) and any objections, and move on.

This charter is written in accordance with Section 3.4, Votes of the W3C Process Document and includes no voting procedures beyond what the Process Document requires.

Patent Disclosures

The Media Best Practices and Guidelines Interest Group provides an opportunity to share perspectives on the topic addressed by this charter. W3C reminds Interest Group participants of their obligation to comply with patent disclosure obligations as set out in Section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy. While the Interest Group does not produce Recommendation-track documents, when Interest Group participants review Recommendation-track specifications from other Working Groups, the patent disclosure obligations do apply.

For more information about disclosure obligations for this group, please see the W3C Patent Policy Implementation.

About this Charter

This charter for the Media Best Practices and Guidelines Working Group has been created according to section 6.2 of the Process Document. In the event of a conflict between this document or the provisions of any charter and the W3C Process, the W3C Process shall take precedence.

Philippe Le Hégaret, plh@w3.org

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