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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Test trackbot-ng Thomas Roessler 2007-04-12
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Send note on ETSI liaison to mailing list Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-04-24
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Update scribe instructions Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-09
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Provide instructions on using bugzilla Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-09
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Teach tracker about common aliases Thomas Roessler 2007-05-09
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Share example for transform that depends on information beyond the transform input nodeset Konrad Lanz 2007-05-22
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Provide precise wording for issues with exclusive canonicalization and xml:base Thomas Roessler 2007-05-09
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Propose spec wording for conformance-affecting changes to xmldsig-core per dsig-usage note proposal Thomas Roessler 2007-05-09
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Review E01 Sean Mullan 2007-05-09
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Review E05 Konrad Lanz 2007-05-09
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Investigate Austrian eGov use case for Type attribute Konrad Lanz 2007-05-09
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Contact participants in previous interop testing Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-22
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Put up WBS form to ask about interop testing interest Thomas Roessler 2007-05-09
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Post E05 discussion to public list Konrad Lanz 2007-05-10
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Raise on XML coordination list the need for XML security considerations with regards to xml namespace additions Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-10
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Look into workshop hosting Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-05-10
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Draft CFP Thomas Roessler 2007-05-22
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Send e-mail about interop testing dependencies with Core Thomas Roessler 2007-05-22
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Get test case for E01 Konrad Lanz 2007-05-29
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Feedback to XML CG on November plenary Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-03
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Provide comments from XMLSec to XML Core on C14N11 Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-03
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Provide URI for additional algorithms Thomas Roessler 2007-05-10
ACTION-23 (edit) closed C14N11 QName proposal Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-05-15
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Investigate interop capabilities Thomas Roessler 2007-05-15
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Post red-line link for C14N11 Frederick Hirsch 2007-05-22
ACTION-26 (edit) closed draft CG note draft for submission to XML CG Thomas Roessler 2007-08-30
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Put up WBS for known constraints in SeptembeR/October Thomas Roessler 2007-05-22
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Propose additional types of contributions for workshop CFP Hal Lockhart 2007-05-29
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Go through hosting requirements with Hal Thomas Roessler 2007-05-29
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Propose detailed timeline for CFP by mail Thomas Roessler 2007-05-29
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Propose rewording of \"Reference processing model\" sentence on mailing list Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-05-29
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Propose language for \"validator\" and \"generator\" that is more in line with rest of rec\\\\\'s style Sean Mullan 2007-05-29
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Change formatting of 4.4.3 note Thomas Roessler 2007-05-29
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Verify that CR version of C14N11 has no conformance-affecting changes against Konrad Lanz 2007-05-29
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Review Konrad\\\'s message re xml:base by next call Rich Salz 2007-06-05
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Review KonraD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s message re xml:base by next call Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-06-05
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Review Konrad\\\'s message re xml:base by next call Sean Mullan 2007-06-05
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Review Konrad\\\\\'s message re xml:base by next call Ed Simon 2007-06-05
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Update editor\\\\\'s draft according to Thomas Roessler 2007-06-05
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Contact CAO Yongsheng confirming treatment of E1 in Decryption Transform Konrad Lanz 2007-06-05
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Check his implementation wrt DNAME erratum Sean Mullan 2007-06-05
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Produce example for breakage due to current E01 language Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-06-05
ACTION-43 (edit) closed to produce example for breakage due to current E01 language Konrad Lanz 2007-06-11
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Update CFP draft as suggested in Thomas Roessler 2007-06-12
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Give information on hosting to PHB Thomas Roessler 2007-06-12
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Confirm hosting by end of the week Phillip Hallam-Baker 2007-06-12
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Thomas and Frederick to update Decryption Transform editors draft for Last Call, for next meeting Thomas Roessler 2007-06-12
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Make proposal to resolve issue on Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-06-12
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Illustrate proposed changes by example Konrad Lanz 2007-06-12
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Create workshop logistics page Thomas Roessler 2007-08-15
ACTION-51 (edit) closed See if RFC4514 is consistent with dsig encoding rules Thomas Roessler 2007-06-19
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Ask XML Core chairs for dsig-usage note Thomas Roessler 2007-06-26
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Work toward publication of xmlenc-decrypt11 as Last Call WD Thomas Roessler 2007-06-26
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Ask whether we can add time to workshop Thomas Roessler 2007-06-26
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Create questionnaire to check availability on 27 September Thomas Roessler 2007-06-26
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Give Juan Carlos, Sean, Konrad access to interop web space in CVS Thomas Roessler 2007-07-03
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Get us started on test cases Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-07-03
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Create test re rfc 2253 vs rfc 4514 implementations Sean Mullan 2007-07-03
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Summarize his comments on the mailing list to record his detailed thinking about 4514 Thomas Roessler 2007-07-03
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Investigate mime types vs uri for next meeting -due 2007-07-10 Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-07-03
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Contact Aleksey Sanin about interop and attendance Frederick Hirsch 2007-07-17
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Send email describing examples to clarify testing issues Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-07-17
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Write up process outline for interop Frederick Hirsch 2007-07-17
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Merge into main editor's draft Thomas Roessler 2007-07-24
ACTION-65 (edit) closed develop/retrieve test cases for C14N with comments, scheme-based xpointers Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-07-24
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Inform xml cg of intent to squat on xpointer(/) and xpointer(id(ID)) Thomas Roessler 2007-07-24
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Update wiki to list XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 identifiers Ed Simon 2007-07-24
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Develop RFC 4514 / RFC 2253 test cases Sean Mullan 2007-07-24
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Draft warning similar to that of section 7.2 of RFC 2253 as possible best practice item Ed Simon 2007-07-24
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Send proposal for 65 to list Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-08-07
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Send e-mail to list on UTF-8 and printable UTF-8 strings Sean Mullan 2007-08-07
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Review existing use of XML Signature and Xpointer with respect to new redline Konrad Lanz 2007-08-07
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Check which xpointers are used and where, contact ebics etc Konrad Lanz 2007-08-07
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Update Acknowledgements section in XML SIgnature 2nd edition Frederick Hirsch 2007-10-09
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Carlos add test case for RFC 4514 warning Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-08-14
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Make changes to document to (a) clarify same-document URI reference, (b) change reference to URI Frederick Hirsch 2007-08-14
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Update algorithm URIs for c14n11 Frederick Hirsch 2007-08-14
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Put note about corrected appendix A all over the place, including editor's note in xmldsig-core editor's draft Frederick Hirsch 2007-08-14
ACTION-79 (edit) closed [XML Signature] Update since URI-Literal/ RFC 2732 obsoleted by 3986. Frederick Hirsch 2007-08-14
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Update XML Signature Examples to use C14N11 Frederick Hirsch 2007-08-17
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Update digest values in section 2 examples when we have test cases which produce values (or else insert dots) Frederick Hirsch 2007-10-05
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Add test case for XPointer URI encoding, including bracket characters Konrad Lanz 2007-08-28
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Look for test cases that might indicate the change to is conformance-affecting Konrad Lanz 2007-08-28
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Review last meeting's mintues for confidential material, if needed produce redacted version Thomas Roessler 2007-09-04
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Send invitations to speakers on current program. Thomas Roessler 2007-09-04
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Send e-mail to group explaining late registration process for workshop Thomas Roessler 2007-09-04
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Document approach to subset expressions in a README file along with the test cases Konrad Lanz 2007-09-11
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Remove negative test cases from test case document, save in repository in new document Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-09-11
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Review whether original XML Sig test cases can be used for derivative work (IPR etc), e.g. Thomas Roessler 2007-09-11
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Ensure that the inputs for both c14n11 test directories are the same Konrad Lanz 2007-09-18
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Interop editors to plan and distribute work to complete interop tests by next week Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-09-18
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Send note to XML Core indicating potential issue with Appendix A Thomas Roessler 2007-09-18
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Look at xml core list for additional xml:base test cases Konrad Lanz 2007-09-18
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Fix the xpointers in the xpointer framework adding the missing "#" sign to the URI fragments Konrad Lanz 2007-09-25
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Generate new test signatures for xpointer Sean Mullan 2007-09-25
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Switch xpointer test cases to c14n1.1 Konrad Lanz 2007-09-25
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Raise issue on public list of any issue with changing to RFC 3986 for XMLDSIG section Konrad Lanz 2007-10-16
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Send e-mail to summarize dname related interop issue to public list Konrad Lanz 2007-10-16
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Review interop report to record open issues and actions resulting from interop testing Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-10-16
ACTION-100 (edit) closed crash the tracker instance on #xmlsec Thomas Roessler 2007-10-11
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Work toward publishing workshop report Thomas Roessler 2007-10-23
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Write up choice re Thomas Roessler 2007-10-30
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Follow up with implementers to look at which choice wrt ACTION-102 they actually have taken Frederick Hirsch 2007-10-30
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Contact Martin D, get handle on HRRI / IRI / charmod issues Thomas Roessler 2007-10-30
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Start issues list for best practices Frederick Hirsch 2007-10-30
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Send proposal for "appendix A without pseudo code" Thomas Roessler 2007-11-06
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Send an email re test case 102 Sean Mullan 2007-11-06
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Double-check on relative-to-absolute resolution Konrad Lanz 2007-11-15
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Provide example for "isolated .." case Thomas Roessler 2007-11-15
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Update redline and share with xml:core Frederick Hirsch 2007-11-15
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Review examples in C14N 1.1 and propose detailed changes to use xml:Id Frederick Hirsch 2007-11-15
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Prepare interop report template Thomas Roessler 2007-11-15
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Update testcase document Sean Mullan 2007-11-15
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Ensure that result from ACTION-109 goes into test suite Thomas Roessler 2007-11-15
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Review EXI with respect to correct XML Security usage Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-12-10
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Remind Donald to review XML Signature and Encryption home pages for accuracy Frederick Hirsch 2007-11-16
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Close this action Thomas Roessler 2007-12-04
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Send message to public-xmlsec-discuss to solicit feed-back Thomas Roessler 2007-12-04
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Work with comm team on AC advance notice Thomas Roessler 2007-12-04
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Rename test cases as proposed Sean Mullan 2007-12-11
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Fix CR/LF issue for test case 103 Thomas Roessler 2007-12-18
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Propose concrete edit to proposed charter to deal with encryption / derived specs Hal Lockhart 2007-12-18
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Review test case naming changes and updated test case document Juan Carlos Cruellas 2007-12-25
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Review and implement changes noted in Sean Mullan 2007-12-25
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Update test cases document with anchors to enable links from implementation reports Thomas Roessler 2007-12-25
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Check consistency of and references Thomas Roessler 2007-12-25
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Propose change to charter draft that opens encryption, in a limited way Thomas Roessler 2007-12-25
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Implement fix to section 3.2.5 in testcase doc Sean Mullan 2008-01-15
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Rename the xpointer tests as per doc Sean Mullan 2008-01-15
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Remove unused DName cases from the doc Sean Mullan 2008-01-15
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Update xmlsec public web page with pointer to wiki draft charter Frederick Hirsch 2008-01-15
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Send message to public-xmlsec-discuss Thomas Roessler 2008-01-15
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Respond to Magnus re DerivedKey Frederick Hirsch 2008-01-15
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Confirm whether implementation report for c14n11 can be made public Sean Mullan 2008-01-22
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Confirm whether implementation report for c14n11 can be made public Konrad Lanz 2008-01-22
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Confirm whether implementation report for c14n11 can be made public Juan Carlos Cruellas 2008-01-22
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Confirm whether implementation report for c14n11 can be made public Pratik Datta 2008-01-22
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Send inventory for signature implementation report Frederick Hirsch 2008-01-22
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Fix acknowledgements section Thomas Roessler 2008-01-22
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Propose useful language for defCan tests, no detailed results Thomas Roessler 2008-01-29
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Fix IBM xpointer cases Frederick Hirsch 2008-02-05
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Update implementation report, merge Frederick Hirsch 2008-02-05
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Clean up the doc - update styles, include other editors, check references and formatting. Sean Mullan 2008-02-12
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Determine next step for EXI feedback Frederick Hirsch 2008-02-12
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Look at W3C document license compatibility with sharing test cases with Apache Sean Mullan 2008-02-19
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Review test case references formatting issue Frederick Hirsch 2008-02-19
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Update the test cases document; polish for publication as a Note Thomas Roessler 2008-04-15
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Send comments to EXI group as circulated to the XMLSEC Juan Carlos Cruellas 2008-04-15
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Clarify DName testing in test case document Sean Mullan 2008-04-15
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Identifiers Registry: distribute a draft regarding identifiers registry Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-06-17
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Write assumptions to references update Thomas Roessler 2008-05-13
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Test Case Document: Make the publication of test case document happen Thomas Roessler 2008-05-13
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Make transition request for test case document Frederick Hirsch 2008-05-13
ACTION-155 (edit) closed add timestamp/nonce material from Hal Lockhart to best practices document Frederick Hirsch 2008-05-19
ACTION-156 (edit) closed incorporate Pratik update to best practices on transforms Frederick Hirsch 2008-05-19
ACTION-157 (edit) closed incorporate Sean's best practice material Frederick Hirsch 2008-05-19
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Best Practices: Draft proposal for best practices document re signed streaming content in current XML Sig syntax Konrad Lanz 2008-06-10
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Add more documentation to the Best Practices document for his examples Pratik Datta 2008-05-27
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Add link to best practices example directory to WG administrative page Frederick Hirsch 2008-05-27
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Best Practices: Reorganize best practices document for implementers, validators and signers, incorporate Pratik's proposed changes provided on list Pratik Datta 2008-06-10
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Best Practices: Add additional text re DSS and XAdES to best practices document Pratik Datta 2008-06-10
ACTION-164 (edit) closed WG Coordination: XMLHttpRequest review Frederick Hirsch 2008-06-09
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Repeat schema tests with updated rnc schema Thomas Roessler 2008-06-17
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Propose change to timestamp text to address requirement for trusted third parties. Juan Carlos Cruellas 2008-06-17
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Produce updated cheat sheet Thomas Roessler 2008-06-17
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Update XML Signature errata to reflect RFC version's reference changes, based on input from Don Eastlake Thomas Roessler 2008-09-19

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