HTML Reloaded

Chris Lilley, <>

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HTML at W3C - introduction

What was wrong

99.99999% of the Web was invalid HTML. W3C pretended that didn't exist. This isn't a workable solution.

Taking your tagsoups and making valid HTML 4.01 or valid XHTML 1.0 gave the developer no new features and no benefit besides a gold star and a pat on the back

(well, except for consistent parsing, a reliable DOM, and easier scripting and styling and document maintenance)

Chartering HTML and Forms

Chartering (2)

New ways of Working

FAQ on HTML Invited Experts, need a better name

Two serializations, one DOM

The two serialisations are exactly equivalent, both are produced from the same DOM, they can be interconverted.

Pretending to base HTML on SGML is no longer funny


Re-use and refactoring

Compound Document Formats

Media and licensing

Forms and HTML

Need a transition strategy, and a bridge so that the more capable forms processors can also read 'classic HTML' forms. Cue next talk ...