Rich Web Apps: WICD and UWA

Dave Raggett, <>

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Rich Web Apps: WICD and UWA

Moving beyond the limitations of today's Web!

Compound Document Formats WG

Compound Document Formats WG

WICD = Web Interactive Compound Document


Early implementations

On Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones

Early implementations

Abbr vidualize on N91

Viewing WICD content

WICD Features

Dealing with Device Diversity

Challenges for Content Adaptation

Ubiquitous Web Applications

variety of devices

Etching RF circuitry onto silicon along with microprocessors, resulting in very low additional cost to add network connectivity to all kinds of devices

Agent acts as both client and server

Examples of Devices and Applications

Applications Areas

Home Network Example

diagram using TV as UI for controlling heating

Challenges for Ubiquitous Web

How to create applications that address the above issues and which are easy to use for ordinary people?

Ubiquitous Web Apps WG

Events and DOM Proxies

diagram illustrating proxies and hidden messaging layer

REX and Remote UI

diagram use of REX for remote UI

New Vistas for Web Applications

Dublin, Ireland Workshop 5-6 June 2007

Come and help us to better understand the future of Web authoring and how to apply declarative techniques to model distributed Web applications!

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See you in Dublin, the epicenter of Guiness lovers everywhere!

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