Note: The Compound Document Formats (CDF) Working Group is closed as of 19 August 2010.

A Compound Document is the W3C term for a document that combines multiple formats, such as XHTML, SVG, SMIL and XForms. The W3C Compound Document Formats (CDF) Working Group will specify the behaviour of some format combinations, addressing the needs for an extensible and interoperable Web.


Compound Document Framework by Reference and WICD Profile Candidate Recommendation documents are available!

Compound Document by Reference Framework 1.0

WICD Core 1.0

WICD Mobile 1.0 Profile

WICD Full 1.0 Profile

There is a call for implementations and a preliminary implementation report.

Please send any comments to the CDF public mailing list (information on W3C lists).

Compound Document by Inclusion (CDI) Specification work has begun.

See the Working Draft.

Compound Document by Reference (CDR) using WICD Profile early implementation work!

The Compound Document by Reference (CDR) WICD Profile early implementation working on a Nokia and a Sony-Ericsson handset. The WICD (Web Integration Compound Document) profile combines XHTML Mobile Profile and SVG Tiny.

CDR implementation

The CDF public page

Welcome to the public page for the W3C Compound Document Formats Working Group.

If you have something you want listed here, use the contact address at the bottom of the page.