Rule Interchange Format (RIF) Highlight

Ivan Herman, <>

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Why do we want RIF?
(Semantic Web Perspective)

semantic web layer cake diagram showing RIF sitting next to OWL

Why do we want RIF?
(Business Rules Perspective)

SW-BR split is a challenge

Who is involved?

The Story So Far

Two-Phase Charter

A Brief Look at RIF Core

Horn Rules

Example Horn rule (in made-up syntax): two people with the same name and homepage are the same person:

If { ?x rdf:type foaf:Person. 
     ?y rdf:type foaf:Person.
     ?x foaf:name ?n.
     ?x foaf:homepage ?h.
     ?y foaf:name ?n.
     ?y foaf:homepage ?h. }
then { ?x = ?y }

RDF Integration

This work is underway. Not all of it is reflected in latest WD.