SMIL 3.0 Interoperability Implementation Report

This version
Thierry Michel, W3C
Daniel Zucker, Invited Expert

This document reports the the interoperability test results for multiple implementations of new features in SMIL 3.0.
Results are reported as of Sept 16th, 2008.

These test results are based on the SMIL 3.0 TestSuite.

The purpose of the Interoperability Implementation Report is to document that at least two independent implementers can independently read the same specification and produce two independent interoperable implementations for a given feature. This tests both the clarity of the specification, in that the specification language must be clear enough to sufficiently describe an interoperable implementation, as well as the implementability of the specification itself. This implementation test report is not meant to test conformance of any given SMIL implementation.

This SMIL 3.0 Interoperability Implementation Report tests only new features added in SMIL 3.0 beyond SMIL 2.1. Combining this report with the SMIL 2.1 Interoperability Implementation Report and SMIL 2.0 Interoperability Implementation Report completely tests functionality in SMIL 3.0.

SMIL 3.0 new features are additions do not interfere with any former SMIL 2.1 functionalities. These SML 3.0 new features do not change semantics of the former SMIL 2.1 features, and the changes in modularization have no impact on player behavior. Therefore the following results list only the new features introduced in SMIL 3.0.

Results are presented for three independent implementations:

Implementers consisted of both large and small international corporations. All features in the SMIL 3.0 specification have been implemented separately at least twice.

The data presented here is intended solely to be used as proof of SMIL 3.0 implementability. It is only a snapshot of the actual implementation behaviors at one moment in time. This data is not intended to be used for assessing or grading the performance of any individual SMIL implementation.

Results for each test

Results are yes (passed), no (failed), or blank (not executed).

PASSED tests have fullfill the SMIL 3.0 Candidate Recommandation exit criteria. Each test has at least two passing implementations which have been developed independently.

REMOVED tests have been removed from the SMIL 3.0 test suite, but are still listed in order to leave the sequence numbers unchanged.

Tests were removed because they either tested features removed from the specification, or they were deemed incorrect for testing the necessary features and were replaced with appropriate tests covering those features.

SMIL 3.0 Testcase

1 - ContentControl
1 - ContentControl Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
1.1 smil30-smilContentControl-NoallowReorder.smil yes yes PASSED For All tests below: Implementation A = Ambulant Implementation B = Real Implementation C = GRiNS Implementation A and B on Windows, and C on Linux unless otherwise noted Test Results as of April 4, 2008 This test is Ambulant on Mac.
1.2 smil30-smilContentControl-allowReorder.smil yes yes PASSED This test is Ambulant on Mac.
2 - Layout
2 - Layout Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
2.1 layout-background-opacity-region-override.smil yes yes PASSED
2.2 layout-background-opacity-region.smil yes yes PASSED
3 - Media
3 - Media Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
3.1 FancyPanZoomDemo.smil yes yes PASSED
3.2 MediaOpacityExtra.smil yes yes PASSED
3.3 PanZoomDemo.smil yes yes PASSED
3.4 media-pan-zoom-absolute.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
3.5 media-pan-zoom-percentages.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
3.6 media-pan-zoom-regpoint.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
3.7 mediaObject-chromaKey1.smil yes yes PASSED
3.8 mediaObject-chromaKeyOpacity1.smil yes yes PASSED
3.9 mediaObject-chromaKeyTolerance1.smil yes yes PASSED
3.10 mediaObject-mediaBackgroundOpacity1.smil no yes PASSED see note for 3.11 below
3.11 mediaObject-mediaBackgroundOpacity2.smil yes no PASSED This is same test as test above, but with different media type. This feature passes, since these 2 tests differ only in media type. The feature is implemented in two independent implementations.
3.12 mediaObject-mediaOpacity1.smil yes yes PASSED
3.13 mediaObject-panZoom1.smil yes yes PASSED
3.14 mediaObject-panZoom2.smil yes yes PASSED
3.15 mediaObject-panZoom3.smil yes yes PASSED
3.16 mediaObject-panZoom4.smil yes yes PASSED
3.17 mediaObject-panZoom5.smil yes yes PASSED
3.18 mediaObject-panZoom6.smil yes yes PASSED
3.19 mediaObject-panZoom7.smil yes yes PASSED
3.20 mediaObject-panZoom8.smil yes yes PASSED
4 - Metainformation
4 - Metainformation Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
4.1 metainfo-test1.smil yes yes REMOVED
4.2 metainfo-test2.smil yes yes PASSED
4.3 metainfo-test3.smil yes yes PASSED
5 - Namespace_and_Doctype
5 - Namespace_and_Doctype Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
5.1 namespace-doctype-test1.smil yes yes yes PASSED
5.2 namespace-doctype-test2.smil yes yes yes PASSED
5.3 namespace-doctype-test3.smil no yes yes PASSED
6 - SMILText
6 - SMILText Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
6.1 smil30-smiltext-ChangedTextWritingMode.smil yes yes PASSED
6.2 smil30-smiltext-IgnoredTextstyling.smil yes yes PASSED
6.3 smil30-smiltext-LateBegin.smil yes yes PASSED
6.4 smil30-smiltext-NextBeyondDur.smil yes yes PASSED
6.5 smil30-smiltext-OverridenTextWrapOptions.smil yes yes PASSED This test is Ambulant on Mac.
6.6 smil30-smiltext-OverridingTextStylingAttributes.smil yes yes PASSED
6.7 smil30-smiltext-br.smil yes yes PASSED
6.8 smil30-smiltext-clear.smil yes yes PASSED
6.9 smil30-smiltext-div.smil yes yes PASSED
6.10 smil30-smiltext-p.smil yes yes PASSED
6.11 smil30-smiltext-spanDirections.smil yes yes PASSED
6.12 smil30-smiltext-spanattributes.smil yes yes PASSED
6.13 smil30-smiltext-spantextstyle.smil yes yes PASSED
6.14 smil30-smiltext-tevEvent.smil yes yes PASSED
6.15 smil30-smiltext-tevbegin.smil yes yes PASSED
6.16 smil30-smiltext-tevbeginEvents.smil yes yes PASSED
6.17 smil30-smiltext-tevnext.smil yes yes PASSED
6.18 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl01.smil yes yes PASSED
6.19 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl02.smil yes yes PASSED
6.20 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl03.smil yes yes PASSED
6.21 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl04.smil yes yes PASSED
6.22 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl05.smil yes yes PASSED
6.23 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl06.smil yes yes PASSED
6.24 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl07.smil yes yes PASSED
6.25 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl08.smil yes yes PASSED
6.26 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl09.smil yes yes PASSED
6.27 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl10.smil yes yes PASSED
6.28 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl11.smil yes yes PASSED
6.29 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl12.smil yes yes PASSED
6.30 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl13.smil yes yes PASSED
6.31 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl14.smil yes yes PASSED
6.32 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl15.smil yes yes PASSED
6.33 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl16.smil yes yes PASSED
6.34 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl17.smil yes yes PASSED
6.35 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl18.smil yes yes PASSED
6.36 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl19.smil yes yes PASSED
6.37 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl20.smil yes yes PASSED
6.38 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl21.smil yes yes PASSED
6.39 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl22.smil yes yes PASSED
6.40 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl23.smil yes yes PASSED
6.41 smil30-smiltext-textCrawl24.smil yes yes PASSED
6.42 smil30-smiltext-textModes.smil yes yes PASSED
6.43 smil30-smiltext-textScroll01.smil yes yes PASSED
6.44 smil30-smiltext-textScroll02.smil yes yes PASSED
6.45 smil30-smiltext-textScroll03.smil yes yes PASSED
6.46 smil30-smiltext-textScroll04.smil yes yes PASSED
6.47 smil30-smiltext-textScroll05.smil yes yes PASSED
6.48 smil30-smiltext-textScroll06.smil yes yes PASSED
6.49 smil30-smiltext-textScroll07.smil yes yes PASSED
6.50 smil30-smiltext-textScroll08.smil yes yes PASSED
6.51 smil30-smiltext-textScroll09.smil yes yes PASSED
6.52 smil30-smiltext-textScroll10.smil yes yes PASSED
6.53 smil30-smiltext-textScroll11.smil yes yes PASSED
6.54 smil30-smiltext-textScroll12.smil yes yes PASSED
6.55 smil30-smiltext-textScroll13.smil yes yes PASSED
6.56 smil30-smiltext-textScroll14.smil yes yes PASSED
6.57 smil30-smiltext-textScroll15.smil yes yes PASSED
6.58 smil30-smiltext-textScroll16.smil yes yes PASSED
6.59 smil30-smiltext-textScroll17.smil yes yes PASSED
6.60 smil30-smiltext-textScroll18.smil yes yes PASSED
6.61 smil30-smiltext-textScroll19.smil yes yes PASSED
6.62 smil30-smiltext-textScroll20.smil yes yes PASSED
6.63 smil30-smiltext-textScroll21.smil yes yes PASSED
6.64 smil30-smiltext-textScroll22.smil yes yes PASSED
6.65 smil30-smiltext-textScroll23.smil yes yes PASSED
6.66 smil30-smiltext-textScroll24.smil yes yes PASSED
6.67 smil30-smiltext-textalingtextwritingmode.smil yes yes PASSED This test is Ambulant on Mac.
6.68 smil30-smiltext-textmodetextrate.smil yes yes PASSED
6.69 smil30-smiltext-textplace.smil yes yes PASSED
6.70 smil30-smiltext-textplaceScroll.smil yes yes PASSED
6.71 smiltext-textAlign1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.72 smiltext-textBackgroundColor1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.73 smiltext-textColor1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.74 smiltext-textDirection1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.75 smiltext-textFontFamily1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.76 smiltext-textFontSize1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.77 smiltext-textFontSize2.smil yes yes PASSED
6.78 smiltext-textFontSize3.smil yes yes PASSED
6.79 smiltext-textFontStyle1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.80 smiltext-textFontWeight1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.81 smiltext-textMode1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.82 smiltext-textMode2.smil yes yes PASSED
6.83 smiltext-textMode3.smil yes yes PASSED
6.84 smiltext-textMode4.smil yes yes PASSED
6.85 smiltext-textMode5.smil yes yes PASSED
6.86 smiltext-textRate1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.87 smiltext-xmlspace1.smil yes yes PASSED
6.88 smiltext-xmlspace2.smil yes yes PASSED
7 - State
7 - State Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
7.1 test-01-avt.smil yes yes PASSED
7.2 test-02-setvalue.smil yes yes PASSED
7.3 test-03-newvalue.smil yes yes PASSED
7.4 test-04-statesrc.smil yes yes PASSED
7.5 test-05-send.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.6 test-06-newvalue.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.7 test-07-expr.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.8 test-08-language.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.9 test-09-statesrc-badurl.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.10 test-10-statesrc-override.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.11 test-11-statechanged.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
7.12 test-12-empty.smil yes yes PASSED Ambulant on Mac
8 - Structure
8 - Structure Implementation  
Test Number Test File Name A B C Status Remarks
8.1 structure_identity-test1.smil yes yes yes PASSED
8.2 structure_identity-test2.smil yes no yes PASSED
8.3 structure_identity-test3.smil yes no yes PASSED
8.4 structure_identity-test4.smil yes no yes PASSED