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Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  1. Admin
  2. Documents and Reviewing
    • Working Drafts
      • rdf:text LC comments and responses
      • OWL LC comments and responses
      • First Public & Ordinary Working Drafts (with the exception of DRE) should be good to go
        • PROPOSED: The RDF vocabulary for annotations should be changed from owl:subject, owl:predicate and owl:object to, respectively, owl:annotatedSource, owl:annotatedProperty and owl:annotatedTarget.
        • PROPOSED: OWL 2 documents in general and Primer in particular should/should-not refer to documents from the OWL 1 specification.
  3. Advancing documents to Last Call and Candidate Recommendation
  4. Implementation and Test Cases
    • Progress on tool support, e.g., for "species validation"?
    • Progress report
    • Approving "validated" test cases
      • Comments/objections?
  5. Features "At-Risk" (just a reminder)
    • owl:rational support
    • rdf:XMLLiteral support
  6. Additional other business


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