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Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, Identify Yourself to ZAKIM on IRC


  1. Admin
    • Roll call
    • Agenda amendments?
    • PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (8 April)
    • Action items status
      • Pending Review Actions
        • Action 330 Communicate with Michael Schneider about doing the changes to RDF-Based Semantic in support of owl:versionIRI / Boris Motik
        • Action 321 Review NF&R (perhaps after some editing) / Elisa Kendall
        • Action 329 Review and signal approval of changes made for owl:versionIRI / Ian Horrocks
        • Action 328 Review and signal approval of changes made for owl:versionIRI / Peter Patel-Schneider
        • Action 326 Implement changes for owl:versionIRI / Boris Motik
      • Due and overdue Actions
        • Action 299 Find and fix the to-wiki-links Jeremy complains about / Sandro Hawke
        • Action 325 Send a comment to the CURIE folks about us not using them / Sandro Hawke
    • Which document (if any) should we propose as a citation for OWL 2 as a whole?
    • PROPOSED: WG will send LC comment to POWDER WG as per Ivan's draft
  2. Documents and Reviewing
    • Publication Schedule (see Timeline)
      • Primer will be published on April 15th as Ordinary Working Drafts
        • PROPOSED: Primer is ready for publication as OWD (modulo outstanding review discussions)
        • Primer will go to Last Call when core spec goes to CR (scheduled for 1st June)
    • Slightly modified procedure for dealing with (2nd) Last Call comments
      • Hopefully there will be few if any comments from WG members, and these will not be treated in the same way as "external" LC comments
      • We will respond rapidly to LC comments (as they arrive)
  3. (Technical) Issues Arising
    • Any last minute issues that need discussing?
  4. Test Cases
    • Plans/procedures for producing/approving test cases
    • Problems with approved test cases?
    • Progress on tool support, e.g., for "species validation"?
    • How to organize related tests - e.g. same input but different results for DL versus Full/RL (e.g. punning/sameas)
    • PROPOSED: Approve some/all of the test cases currently in the test queue
  5. Features "At-Risk" (just a reminder)
    • owl:rational support
    • rdf:XMLLiteral support
  6. Additional other business


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