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The closed actions in OWL 2 Full development.

Closed TF Actions

ID Due Date Person Title
1 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider MOOT: Do review on Jeremy's QCR page
2 2008-03-07 Michael Schneider Add known bugs in OWL-1.0-Full spec to TF-Issue list
3 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider Raise WG-Issue about problems with QCR RDF-syntax
4 2008-03-07 Michael Schneider Add Full-related WG-issues to WG-issues list in Full-Wiki
5 2008-03-14 Michael Schneider Analysis how OWL-1.0-Full handles e.g. rdfs:subPropertyOf on data properties
6 2008-06-31 Michael Schneider [MOOT] Check if 1.0-Full (without RDFS) depends on bNodes as existential variables
7 2008-03-07 Michael Schneider Add Full-related WG-actions to WG-actions list in Full-Wiki
8 2008-03-03 Michael Schneider Audit on semantics for Property Characteristics
9 2008-03-04 Michael Schneider Audit on semantics for Disjoint Properties
10 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider OUTOFSCOPE: Add all known issues with RDFS semantics to FullTopicsRDFSemantics
11 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider IGNORED: Answer to Jeremy's mail on claim that OWL-DL in sec. 5.4 AS&S is RDFS extention
12 2008-03-05 Michael Schneider Audit for FullSemanticsNegativePropertyAssertions
13 2008-03-06 Michael Schneider Audit for FullSemanticsAxiomAnnotations
14 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider IGNORED: Collect relevant postings for topics list from WG mailing list
15 2008-03-31 Michael Schneider IGNORED: Collect relevant postings for topics list from OWL-DEV mailing list
16 2008-03-30 Michael Schneider Change "IF AND ONLY IF ... THEN ..." to "... IF AND ONLY IF ..."
17 2008-03-30 Michael Schneider DUPLICATE(21): owl:ObjectProperty and rdf:Property are different resources: semantics need to be adjusted
18 2008-03-30 Michael Schneider main semantic condition for negative property assertions falls into prenexity trap, fix this
19 2008-03-30 Michael Schneider correct occurrences of "owl:subPropertyOf"
20 2008-04-06 Michael Schneider WONTDO: expand shortforms like "IOOP" into full forms like "CEXT_I(S_I(owl:ObjectProperty))" to ease reviewer's job
21 2008-04-06 Michael Schneider DUPLICATE(29): axiomatic triples for data property features should not define subproperty relations to respecitve object property features, since this is not compatible with a possible DL version of OWL-Full (PFPS' 5th point?)
22 2008-04-06 Michael Schneider rename "OWL 1.1" to "OWL 2"
23 2008-04-06 Michael Schneider remove semantics for declarations, since dropped from OWL 2 vocabulary
24 2008-04-13 Michael Schneider insert semantics entry for OWL Full Imports
25 2008-04-13 Michael Schneider rename 'disjointProperties' to 'propertyDisjointWith'
26 2008-04-13 Michael Schneider there is no vocabulary for object and data properties anymore, adjust semantics accordingly
27 2008-06-31 Michael Schneider [DENIED] Collect all old OWL Full related WG issues in the "closed WG Issues" list
28 2008-25-04 Michael Schneider Change all occurrence of namespace prefix "owl2" to "owl"
29 2008-05-22 Michael Schneider [DENIED] Adjust axiomatic triples and semantic conditions according to the axiomatic triples design principle
30 2008-05-07 Michael Schneider Build new QCR Semantics page, after resolving Issue 122
31 2008-05-31 Michael Schneider Add to each main semantic condition a subsidiary condition for handling data properties or datatypes (similar to owl:oneOf)
32 2008-05-07 Michael Schneider DUPLICATE(33): Fix main semantic conditions of sequence based axioms to make them independent on comprehension principles.
33 2008-05-31 Michael Schneider Check all main semantic conditions (in part. sequence based axioms) whether they are dependent on comprehension principles
34 2008-05-07 Michael Schneider Check if having "n in LV_I and n is non-negative" in the THEN-branch of (Q)CRs is a bug
35 2008-05-22 Michael Schneider Change Axiomatic Triples page by listing all axiomatic triples for OWL 1 Full
36 2008-05-31 Michael Schneider Check whether the "unifying extensions" TF action is technical doable at all
42 before LC M check Wiki pages for relevant "considerations", and add them to the document
43 before LC M check old OWL documents for useful content

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