RIF Face to Face Nov 5 2007

5 Nov 2007

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PaulVincent, MichaelKifer, AdrianPaschke, HaroldBoley, GaryHallmark, StellaMitchell, MikeDean, IgorMozetic, BobMoore, josDeBruijn, AxelPolleres, sandroHawke, ChrisWelty, Christian_de_Sainte-Marie
Christian de Sainte-Marie & Chris Welty



UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: Semantics of Uniterm: mapping function.

Axel: No semantic difference between builtins and user-defined functions.

csma: Currently, not distinguished in BLD.

<sandro> AxelPolleres, while we have subclassing in RDFS, do you think we can mandate that RIF Consumers do complete RDFS reasoning before extracting the RIF semantics structures? That seems like a fairly hard sell to Gary. :-)

csma: in PRD we have fixed interpretation functions.

<ChrisW> Scribe: Harold

Gary: Plus: all args of builtins must be ground.

csma: Yes, that was in the patterns.

<AxelPolleres> For Gary, nothing changes, I don't say that the XML syntax for PR needs to accept <smsnaf> in place of <naf>

Gary: So we have no universal semantics that tells us for every expression if it's true or false.
... Would be nice to have a more general semantics for both.

<AxelPolleres> but a stratified datalog dialect should maybe accept sms-rulesets, as long as they are stratified.

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