23 Aug 2007


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Jim_Allan, JR, cklaws, Gregory_Rosmaita
Jim Allan




<AllanJ> Title: UAWG teleconference

<AllanJ> scribe: JR

<scribe> scribe: JR

2. definition of 'chrome'

JA: IBM has a defn?

CL: Not an official one

UAAG2 feature wishlist

JA: So far the WCAG wishlist for UA's is already covered.


CL: In developing HPR we came up with a list of features for Mozilla

JA: There's also a list of things on a blog...

<cklaws> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24413

JA: Tried to get acount on user agent "push" wiki site
... Wondering about process
... Should we get on the list or just wait till WCAG filters things to us
... There's also an old doc "Until user agents do this"...but lots are outdated...like putting placeholder text in form fields
... Still might be another source of wishlist items

CL: The bugzilla bug in link includes a number of sub-bugs that detail required behaviour
... HPR UAAG gap list was things missing in HPR, not things missing in UAAG

JA: Mainstream developers love some of the AT features such as list of links

CL: Right, same with Where am I that HPR has
... I read WCAG Push as being a list of things that are in UAAG1 but still are lacking support in browsers
... Their example "navigate by section" is unclear since there are many meanings to "section".

<AllanJ> Web Standards Current browsers and the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 http://www.webstandards.org/learn/articles/current-browsers-uaag10/

<AllanJ> comments about article: http://www.webstandards.org/2007/05/20/current-browsers-and-the-user-agent-accessibility-guidelines-10/

GR: Joins and gives some info on alt/longdesc page + asks some advice on ways of making longdesc cognitive disability side-by-side use case more clear
... Two important things to say...
... Asked by Dan C to represnt HTML group on WAI-UA and Forms group...
... So you can forward any forms issues to me
... Forms Group is actually a Forms "taskforce"

JA: Anything more for wishlist?
... Maybe HTML will have items?

GR: will add to liasison list of things to do

1. review action items

GR: Will work on "GR to Flesh out requirements of text view for 2.2" today

JA: My proposal on 3.4 is to remove to exclusion on plugins

<AllanJ> JR: use case, flashing content. turning off execution prevents flashing.

<AllanJ> CL: but want the non-executed content replaced with alternative content

GR: Alt in the fallback for rich content...
... Also preference sniffing.

<AllanJ> GR: discussion in HTML about rich fall back content, content negotiation with user preferences and available fallback content

GR: Object is a catchsall.

JR: So I might set my lang in the properties

<AllanJ> JR: in my preferences, can set default language, then the UA sorts through content based on preferences

<AllanJ> GR: UA would present a list of options of content available

GR: So it would be a user agent feature to sort through conditional content
... Author defined cascade...
... With eye towards UA's that don't support the technology being served

JA: Has been a problem for awhile...
... A great feature would be if user was on an object and could then see what cond. content was in there
... Of course always depends on cond. content being there
... ANd nice if that worked without an AT

JR: So back to executable checkpoint...

<AllanJ> JR: expands on the toggling of executable content, more techniques and related to conditional content

JR: no flashing use case is the strongest one I see

<AllanJ> GR: user preference...what kind of content is preferred,

GR: Object handling has to follow user prefs- I see 3 states - show all, show something specific, let me pick
... Lots of talk lately about Object...
... If MIME type is XYZ then load
... Stuff needed is already in UA's but some Chrome is needed
... ARIA live region would greatly support this.
... ie. want captions
... then system would convey changes in captions to AT directly

JA: So...new 3.4 seems ok...but we need to tie in more with Conditional Content stuff
... Some we can expect from DHTML: working group and ARIA best practices

oops JA should be GR

JA: "JA to Write proposal for controlling display of tooltips" done
... Tooltips controlled by underlying operating system
... Not sure we need to get involved with this
... Maybe it's just something we put out as a checkpoint and let UA people decide how to do it
... e.g. pull it out of system?

CL: Maybe we should discuss ARIA tooltips
... Entire forms inside tooltips

GR: Prefer to call them "context menus"

JA: Will style trickle down?

CL: Generated using javascript
... I know Becky et al are working to respect system settings such as high contrast..but not sure about browser settings (or even tooltip system settings)
... ARIA adds attributes that will show up in DOM
... Firefox on Win uses MSAA an Iaccessible2
... On Linux is uses ATK
... Becky says browser can't get tooltip styling?

<AllanJ> will dojo menus inherit UA user settings

JA: So for tooltips...

CL: Asking Becky what is being respected...
... Becky says background and foreground stylesheet colours

JA: So seems like UA colours would override
... So with tooltips...
... Not sure my propossal is another checkpoint or where it might fit...

GR: Also need to colour temporality of tooltip

JR: But can't control system settings

JA: Nothing in styles that can control tooltips
... Some designers found various tricks to get around tooltips

GR: Info from on-focus could just as easily go on status bar

JA: We're overtime...
... OK will write something to list for next week

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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