W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

WAI Testing Caucus 24 January 2007

Meeting information

The Web Accessibility Initiative has identified testing of conformance to accessibility guidelines as an area of common interest that needs attention. As part of the Multi-Group Meetings Week, we plan to hold a joint WAI testing meeting on Wednesday, 24 January 2007 at W3C's MIT headquarters in Boston.


This meeting is open to participants of the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, Education and Outreach Working Group, Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, Protocols and Formats Working Group, and User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group.

Registration for this meeting is now closed.


As this is an all-WAI meeting, we will have participants from working groups who are used to different confidentiality levels. Some Working Groups are Member-confidential and are used to having access to information that is available only to W3C Members, and contributing materials that will be kept at this level of confidentiality. However, other Working Groups, and this meeting, are Public. The proceedings and outputs of this meeting will not have confidentiality protections.

Accordingly, please ensure that if you have access to Member-confidential information, you do not bring that information up at this meeting. Please be aware as well that anything you contribute to this meeting will be in the public record. If you have any concerns about this, please contact me privately.


Times are in Boston time (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

A light breakfast, full lunch, and light midafternoon snacks will be available in the meeting room. All food is Kosher with vegetarian and gluten free options. There is also a coffee shop and cafeteria on the first floor of the Stata Center.


Meeting room D463 available

Coffee and light breakfast items available



  • Participants
  • Agenda review
  • Goals

Review existing resources

  • Quality Assurance
  • Existing WAI test materials
  • Existing test case and test metadata structure resources
  • Existing WAI test suite development plans and timelines



Comparison of work

  • Goals: where do we want the same thing, and where are are needs idiosyncratic
  • Structure
  • Identify cases where we have or need the same test cases
  • Explore cases where we [could] have same test cases although used in a different way

Lunch served in the meeting room


Discussion of test cases

  • What constitutes a valid test case?
  • Test units vs. test applications
  • Test case format and metadata format
  • Test cases for various technologies, and hybrid technologies (e.g., inline CSS in HTML)
  • Relationship of test cases to educational samples
14:15 Explore ways to meet our common goals


Move to room G449 - coffee and snacks available there


Develop preliminary roadmap and timeline

  • General structure of effort
  • Technical resources
  • Strategies to involve people in process
  • Strategies to develop test cases


W3C reception will be held at 17:30 in the 4th floor foyer of the Stata Center.


The following resources will be helpful as we consider what already exists




We will meet at the MIT Stata Center in Cambridge, MA, 32 Vassar Street. Please view the Multi-Group Meeting Venue for detailed information. Stata is a fairly confusing building. We've posted a pdf of maps with notes on the meeting rooms for each floor. Since meeting rooms are spread throughout the building, we'll use the W3C/MIT offices as the main point for questions, etc. If you want to get to our offices take the elevator in the Gates Tower (near the big white question mark "?" sign at the information center on the first floor), go to the 5th floor and turn right. If you need assistance, you can call the W3C at +1.617.253.2613 (though not all mobile phones work in the building). There will also be an IRC channel #MGM available for coordination and assistance.

Due to scheduling considerations, our meeting will change rooms in the mid afternoon. The meeting begins in room D463—this is the "Star" room in the Dreyfoos tower of the Stata Center. At the midafternoon break we will move to G449—the "Kiva" room in the Gates tower. Both rooms are on the fourth floor, and there is a walkway between the towers.


Security has been an issue in the Stata Center lately in two ways.


The Stata Center is on an automatic locking system. Doors, including those from the area in front of the elevators on each floor and the stairwells, will open at 9am and lock at 5pm. If you go into the stairwell at or after 5pm, you will not be able to get out again except to the exit of the building (nor would you be able to get back onto the floor from the elevator area). If you leave anything in the W3C area, you'll need to retrieve it by the end of the day (5pm).


We will not have a room block at one particular hotel but can suggest hotels at which there are a few rooms set aside with an "MIT" rate. The rates are first-come-first serve and the number of rooms available at the rates cited below is limited. It's also possible that there might be internet deals available so it's worth checking online as well. For a list of hotels, please view the Multi-Group Meeting Hotels information.


The closest airport to where we will meet is Logan International Airport (BOS). Regional train and bus service is available to North Station and South Station.

Public transportation in Boston is provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Subway service from the airport are provided via the Blue Line and the Silver Line. The Silver Line is preferrable for most routes because it picks up at the terminal buildings and requires fewer connections to arrive at most destinations. To get to MIT, take the Silver Line to South Station and transfer to the Red Line direction Alewife ("inbound").

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