limited guidance on presentation OK (public comment)

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Bill Doyle
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From public comments
raised by: Al Gilman

limited guidance on presentation OK
where it says, in (non-goals) 3.1 Presentation of all security information
This Working Group does not aim to recommend a
presentation for all of this information.
But suggestions as to nominal and optional actions to get beyond the short and
sweet should be considered by the Group. Further, it is not clear that you
should not, for accessibility, provide one nominal (technical report-like)
browsable tree structure covering this information; similar to the operation
of the Table of Navigation in the Standard Digital Talking Book. This is not
a recommended presentation, it is a structure enabling structured access in
diverse presentations. This assured structure affords one consistent way to
explain \"where am I\" in the course of pursuing more information about the
security aspect of the current browse context.
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xit. Section 6.2: Additional Security Context Information.

Anil Saldhana, 20 Jan 2008, 09:34:17

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