cooperate with WAI-ARIA \'politeness\' (from public comments)

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Bill Doyle
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From public comments
raised by: Al Gilman

cooperate with WAI-ARIA \'politeness\' of live regions in your quest for assured
where it says, 2.5 Reliable presentation of security information
The Working Group will recommend presentation techniques that
mitigate deceptive imitation, or hiding, of the user agent\'s
presentation of security information.
please consider
One of the aspects of verbosity control in some delivery contexts adapted for
people with disabilities is the filtering and buffering of events. In the WAI-
specifications, we have introduces values of the @live attribute that denote
politeness, or the urgency with which the user\'s attention should be given to
this event. You have a similar need with yet more authority, in a way. It
would be great
if we had event politeness wired into the backplane and we could piggyback
our functionality for the access API bindings on top of your functionality for

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