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State of the Mobile Web

Emotional History of Mobile Browsing

mobile browsing history

Change: Technological Progress

Mobile Devices


Change: Large Installed Base

Source: A.T. Kearny/University of Cambridge - Judge Institute of Management, July 2004

Installed Base Growing

Mobile Device Stats

Source: T-Mobile, modeled on Credit Suisse First Boston, Mobile Data 2004, Pyramid Research, Global Mobile Capex Handbook, August 2004

Change: Web has become Mass Medium

Mobile Gateway into Digital Universe

Change: Growing Use (1)

Distribution of mobile data traffic

Source: Nokia study, 2005

Change: Growing Use (2)

Source: Opera, April 2006

Large Growth Potential

(Source: Informa, 2005)

Mobile Web Initiative


Who's Involved? (1)

19 Sponsors

MWI sponsors

Who's Involved? (2)

40 Working Group Participants

  • Afilias Limited
  • America Online, Inc. (AOL)
  • ANEC
  • Argo Interactive Ltd
  • AT&T
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC)
  • Drutt Corporation
  • ETRI
  • France Telecom
  • Fundación CTIC
  • Fundación ONCE
  • Go
  • Google, Inc.
  • Indus Net Technologies
  • Infraware
  • Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT), NCSR
  • Internet Content Rating Association
  • Mobileaware, Ltd.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • mTLD Top Level Domain Limited
  • NeoMtel
  • Nokia
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Openwave Systems Inc.
  • Opera Software
  • Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
  • Segala
  • Sevenval AG
  • SK Telecom
  • T-Online International AG
  • Telecom Italia SpA
  • Telefónica de España, SAU
  • The Boeing Company
  • TIM Italia SpA
  • University of Helsinki
  • Vodafone
  • Volantis Systems Ltd

Industry is Cooperating

Key players that need to cooperate for making mobile web work

Challenge: Usability

MWI Solution: Mobile Web Best Practices

Challenge: Device Information (1)

Mobile Devices

Challenge: Device Information (2)

MWI Solution: Shared Repository


MWI Future Work

Wider-Reaching Benefits

Delphi Navigation Radio Web on refrigerator Web on Urinals

It's 1996 All Over Again ...

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Too slow Too slow
Lack of interoperability Lack of interoperability
Child protection Child protection
Not accessible Not accessible

... But Some Things Easier

Web 1996 Mobile Web 2006
Few connected users Many potentially connected users
Lack of content Lots of potential content and developers
No industry Large potential industry